Maple Margarita

The Vivant’s Top Ten: Fall Cocktail Roundup


What is it about autumn that makes us put aside our tried-and-true martinis and margaritas, and start concocting those special seasonal drinks we all have come to love? Fall favorites like mulled wine, spiced cider and pumpkin spice everything is in abundance, and now is the time to bring out those special recipes that just go so well with a Halloween fright night, Thanksgiving family meal or just sitting out in the back yard looking at the leaves changing colors.

Everyone seems to have a special fall drink, and I got together with ten of the most creative mixologists for this month’s exciting Top Ten. October and November is exactly the right time to bring these out to grace your autumn dinner party – are you having dinner parties again? These days having guests still seems a distant memory, and my wife and I are still staying inside, longing for a return to those glorious days when we walked around unmasked, mingled with friends, and enjoyed our weekend trips to Chicago for dinner and the theater. We hope those days will return soon. Meanwhile, we will keep our liquor cabinet to ourselves, and mix up a few of these special fall cocktails to enjoy while we stay at home to watch Netflix.

The Vivant’s Top Ten Fall Cocktails

  1. The Baconer Old Fashioned
  2. Cold Brew Irish Coffee
  3. Spice Up Your Life
  4. Aunt Lucy’s Hot Toddy Mix
  5. Southpaw Sip
  6. Smoked Tea Old Fashioned
  7. Hot Buttered Rum Runner
  8. Absente Gentle Revolution
  9. Sweet Root Goofin’
  10. Maple Margarita

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