How do I stay positive when one challenge after another keeps coming my way?


It’s Q&A time with Amanda Hudes, Founder of Smiling Through Chaos!

When things are going our way, it’s easy to say, “Think positively!” and say it with a smile. Even when one challenge comes our way, it’s still comes naturally to many of us. But when we are faced with several challenges at once, it can become just too much and suddenly instead of naturally having a positive outlook, we become overwhelmed and stressed out.

What is “that line” for you? Is it the number of challenges that matters the most? Or is it the extremity of the challenge? Or both?

  1. Taking a minute to gain perspective will help you so much.
  2. Write down all of your current challenges.
  3. Put a star next to the ones that are really stressing you.
  4. Decide how much effort you want to put into transforming that challenge into a solution and make a note of that next to each.
  5. Rewrite all of your challenges into a priority timeline, which are most important to tackle first.
  6. Take a look at your list again and take a large breath.

Hopefully this will allow you to have a better handle on your challenges, creating solutions that will allow you to feel positive and start smiling again!

If it still seems unmanageable, it might be beneficial for you to work with a Health Counselor or Life Coach an another option.

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Amanda Hudes


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