The Vivant’s Favorite Fashion Bloggers


It seems fashion bloggers are everywhere. Fashionistas all have their favorites, and we at The Vivant have found some of the best ones to watch. It’s a long list, but we’ll start out with these!

Tom Parker, from the Birmingham-based Hidden Fashion, says “The fashion blogging community is highly competitive. With so many bloggers looking to make their voice heard it’s easy to fade into the crowd. However, there are a number of up-and-coming bloggers that have managed to capture the attention of the public and industry experts alike.” Tom has a few favorites, but we have to mention Hidden Fashion too, whose “The Lowdown” section on their website has some great pics and fashion news. (They also ship their fab fashions to the US!)

We found some great fashion blogs, some of which are a little under the radar still but definitely up-and-coming and worth a look. Mona Monet’s blog is more than just the standard fare of favorite pics – Mona explores fashion from the perspective of food, travel, culture, politics, and history. It’s very timely and witty, and describes itself as an “online clothing boutique that offers internationally inspired looks for the haute bohemian.” In addition to Mona’s shop, her on-site blog offers some very readable features like “How to dress like a Roman,” definitely one of my faves on this blog. Mona’s advice includes tips like “visit the tailor before you leave,” noting that Romans are very well known for their well-fitted threads.

We also like reading Vanessa Valiente’s V-Style fashion blog for shopping advice, as well as the V-StyleforMen blog for guys. Vanessa is a San Diego-based personal stylist. Vanessa puts in a lot of research into each of her posts. “Every single item mentioned in V-Style’s shopping posts has been tried on numerous different body types, and each item has tips on what size to get of the items when ordering online, which readers rave about,” said Vanessa. “Why? Because the biggest complaint women have when shopping online is they don’t know what size to get. V-Style answers those questions – always.”

At The Suburban Socialite, Southern belle Amber is always a fun read and I love her travelogues, especially the one about Paris! And speaking of belles, Shreya’s Luxury Belle blog is a new one we’ll watch. I love the Pajama Sutra pj outfit!

We love the name and the sentiment of Gemma’s blog: Life’s a Catwalk. Gemma’s got great fashion sense as well as great tips, and her very sensible “Why I don’t see the point in paying full price for designer” post explains why she only buys on sale or shops pre-owned.

California fashion bloggers always seem to have the inside track on the latest trends, and Sonia Begonia is certainly no exception! Sonia looks especially cute in the pics in her “Summertime bombshell” post, and her favorite go-to’s for the summer are jumpers, rompers, and maxi dresses.

I couldn’t resist visiting Trendee Toad, simply because of the name! Ali, a personal wardrobe stylist, runs Trendee Toad. She shares some of her travel adventures, and what’s fun about her blog is that in addition to talking about the adventures themselves, she addresses the one thing I’m always preoccupied with before going on a trip, and that’s what to wear. Ali shared her wardrobe for her recent Florida vacation, and I love the white hat she wore to Key West!

If you love that London style as much we do we, Tom from Hidden Fashion has a few favorites of his own:

“One of these bloggers is Naomi Genes. This Manchester based fashion vlogger and Instagram “IT Girl” has drawn huge attention for her unique sports luxe style, seeing her gain over 419k Instagram followers and 29k YouTube subscribers. Naomi also is quite the fashion mogul, founding a jewelry business “Just Another Choker” before following her passion for clothing with her online store Naomi is well known for her lover of outerwear coats and large collection of cross body bags.

“British influencer and model Jess Hunt is another fashionista that has been making a splash as of recent. The blonde model’s brand of relaxed yet feminine style has seen her collaborate with the likes of Pretty Little Thing. Jess’s Instagram sees her posing is some of the most exotic settings with envious style, this unique aesthetic has seen Jess acquire a Insta following of over 328k. While her YouTube (which offers a range of makeup tutorials and clothing hauls) boats 8.5K subscribers.

“Another emerging name in the fashion blogging community is Dbzdutch. Born in the Netherlands, this Dutch beauty has gained a name for herself thanks to her extremely popular blog and strong social media presence. To date, Dbzdutch boasts 290k Instagram followers where she posts everything from lust-worthy OOTD posts to cozy holiday snaps. Her individual way of mixing high-end and high-street pieces to create one of a kind outfits certainly makes her a blogger to keep your eyes on.”

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