How to Wear The Most Popular Prints Right Now


There are so many different prints that are in style right now. Stripes, polka dots, animal print, they’re all coming in hot on the summer trend list. However, how you accessorize and style these prints does affect the print all together! I’ve done some research and have listed out several prints and how to style them this summer!

 Cheetah print

 Cheetah is making its comeback this year, and in a classy way. In previous years, we have seen cheetah paired with platform heels and teased hair to symbolize the ultimate party girl, but now cheetah is symbolizing the working fashionista.

To start, look for a button-down cheetah print shirt rather than the printed tube top. You can find a perfect example of this at Zara for $46.00. H&M also has cheaper versions of this style!

Pair this patterned shirt with a simple black skirt or jeans, light denim for a more casual look. Then, to finish it off, wear your cutest black kitten heels. The heel height is important because it will set apart this year’s cheetah prints from cheetah prints past. If you are going with lighter colored pants rather than dark, pair with nude. I always base my shoe color off of the pants, since they’re the closest together!

Polka dots

Polka dots are so in right now, more than they usually are! I am loving the idea of ‘sets’ right now, such as this Kendall and Kylie red polka dot set from PacSun. The top and bottom look so cute together, however, if you’re looking for a more subtle look with this pattern you can always pair either item with a neutral color. In the case of this red polka dot outfit, you could pair the skirt with a plain white button-down shirt. Although the button-down is usually for more professional settings, the playful skirt will definitely turn it more casual. This is a perfect outfit for a day on the boardwalk, or a date to a museum. If you’re thinking of wearing a polka dot patterned shirt, try pairing it with simple jeans. Obviously, the color of the jeans depends heavily upon the color of the patterned shirt, but in most cases white or light denim jeans would look best with the fun pattern!


Floral is so big this summer, and it one of my favorite patterns right now! How you style floral is so important though, and all accessories need to be present! If you’re thinking of a floral top, try pairing it with simple jeans without rips or tears. Floral is usually a symbol of timeless innocence, and ripped jeans don’t always tell the same narrative (even though I love my ripped jeans). If you want to be colorful, try pairing the top with pants that match a color in the floral design. For example, if the background on the floral print is white, pair it with white or light denim jeans. If the print has a visible trace of navy in it, try pairing the pattern with a navy colored t-shirt or pants. If you have colored jeans stored away in your closet, bring them out to match your floral perfectly! As for the shoes, I say always go nude with floral, especially during the day. If you’re not looking to wear heels, blush pink sandals go so well with everything floral. The bag you choose to accessorize this outfit with is important: try matching colors or go with a neutral or nude bag. Pearl earrings are also a great match for light floral patterns, but you can’t go wrong with diamonds. Right now, I am currently loving this floral jumpsuit from H&M for $60. It’s perfect for both a day in the office or a boozy brunch with your best friends!  

The way you decide to style these prints are important only because it shows off your true personality. Fashion speaks where words cannot, and some even say your fashion introduces you before you can!

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