Fun Pants: The Newest Trend


If you’ve left your house in the last two months, you’ve probably seen this trend. “Fun pants” are what my friends and I like to call those flowy patterned pants. After starting on this topic, I have come to find out they’re actually called “palazzo pants,” but I really just enjoy the name “fun pants” more. They’re usually made of thin and soft material, usually polyester. You can also find your perfect pair of fun pants almost everywhere, and at all different prices.

Below, I’ve listed out some of my favorite fun pants this season and how you can style them!

This pair of blue plaid fun pants from Zara is super cute! It is high waisted, as many fun pants are. The high waist would complement a deep V body suit such as this one from Express for only $20! If you’re looking to go outside of the box, you could also try the red version of the deep V bodysuit! Since there is a small red stripe in this pleated pattern, any red or pink would complement it really well. If you are deciding to go on the more colorful route, you should pair the outfit with a neutral color shoe. Blush pink or nude would work really well, or you could go with a really thin pair of black heels. The reason behind this is because you want the attention to be on the clothes themselves, not the shoes, in this case. I am a sucker for bringing all the attention down to the shoes, but I also love showing off my fun pants!

I’m in love with this pair of Free People fun pants! I can already see myself walking into the office with these maroon pants and a black turtle neck shirt. Obviously, since I am wearing a black top I would pair this outfit off with black heels or sandals. But, if I wanted to wear these pants during a more casual setting in the day, I could pair it with this top from Forever 21 for only $7! The shirt itself is a blush pink but has a maroon/dark red floral design going on. Although the shirt does have its own a design, it would not take too much of the attention away from the pants. (Update: I just ordered these pants! Will let you know how I like them when they come in!)

On the more inexpensive side, here are these super cute fun pants from Forever 21! They are high waisted and have a removable tie. The polka dots really are the center of the show, so be sure to pair it with something simple up top. You could wear a bandeaux or a bralette to show off your fun flirty side! I would also love to wear this as a bathing suit cover up with a cute bathing suit top to the beach or pool! Because the background color of this pattern is white, you could pair it with literally any other color. Light pink would portray you as cutesy, while navy or maroon would give off sexy vibes. As for the shoes, match them with a pair of black heels or sandals, but not flats! You want to show off your feet in this ensemble! Also, the fun pants already have a way of making your legs look longer, heels will enhance this length too.