Different Style Tips to Always be well Dressed in the Office


In our minds, the image of a successful man is extremely precise. At work, clothes make the monk: choosing the right clothing for men is the first step in the career of a dazzling businessman. Of course, wearing a jacket and tie is not always easy and does not mean seriousness. The risk of falling into the mundane is just around the corner, and putting on a perfect men’s suit, from jacket to pants, is a thorny subject.

So, what are the most appropriate outfits to go to work and stay stylish with Juice Wrld Merch? What is the right style of male office? Let’s try to answer all these questions with a list of items that are far from trivial. For the men’s style lesson, it’s over here!

Never without a Jacket

Tired of the classic men’s suit? We agree, we’ve been going in circles fast in recent years. But a real manager can’t do without a jacket. The key is that it is the right size. The length? It should not end above the waistband or even completely cover the hips. In addition, the men’s blazer should be wide enough that it can be buttoned even when seated and should conform perfectly to the shape of the bust, creating a straight line from the shoulders. For the rest, room for imagination: not only jackets in neutral colours but also velour or printed models are allowed to give a little sparkle to the man’s office look.

Tip to find out if the length is the right one: When trying on the jacket, keep your arms at your sides, placing your hands horizontally to the floor. When the sleeve touches the back of the hand, it means its length is perfect.

How to Choose your Shirt?

The white shirt remains the most elegant of all for the more formal occasions such as meetings and dates. For every day, playing with colour is a must, with simple or patterned shirts. Stripes, polka dots and prints, no matter how subtle, are welcome. Vade retro: Hawaiian and flannel shirts that you save for your free time.

Tip for understanding if the fit is the right one: It is important that the shirt sleeves are neither too wide nor too narrow, which facilitates movement while creating folds in the fabric. The ideal Juice wrld vlone hoodie and shirt should come out from under the jacket by about an inch and this is the best option to give a gift.

Pants: Pay Attention to the Cut

The cut of the pants is essential in a masculine office look. At work, dress pants shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. The best choice for looking elegant and stylist behind the desk? Double pleated pants or slim fit (but without exaggeration).

Tip to understand if the cut is the right one: two fundamental details to observe are the width on the sides of the legs and the pleat that forms on the front. Perfect office pants don’t have to look oversized, or too tight to cross your leg and limit movement. As for the length, when you are seated you know that you have chosen the right one when the fabric lifts a few inches from the shoe.

Be Bold when it Comes to Shoes

To avoid mistakes, it’s best to focus on a pair of lace-up shoes, moccasins, or diagonal buckles in your workplace. Obviously, nothing prevents you from daring a little and breaking the rules: if you have a relaxed Friday in your office, you can go to work on Friday even in street clothes and sneakers (strictly white or black), and in winter, you can replace the classic shoes with Chelsea boots, in vogue this season. Pay attention to shades, which should be neutral: avoid colour blocks and excess neon. And above all, never dirty or damaged shoes.

Tip for figuring out if the shoe model is the right one: The colour mix of the entire men’s office look should work flawlessly from head to toe. An easy way to choose shoes can be to coordinate with the style and colour of the belt.