Hot Toddy Mix

Aunt Lucy’s Hot Toddy Mix


It seems like everyone has their own recipe for a hot toddy, which is probably the best drink ever for a cold winter’s day. Imagine having one of these after you’ve been out shoveling the snow! From The Vivant’s Top Ten: Fall Cocktail Roundup,  Aunt Lucy makes it easy with an instant hot toddy mix which is simply delightful. The instant mix contains honey, lemon, and cinnamon – just mix it in some hot water and a shot of your favorite whiskey.

The mix uses Korintje cinnamon from Indonesia, which boasts a very nice and mildly spicy flavor and a rich, reddish-brown color, so there is no need for any added colors or preservatives.

You can use just about any type of whiskey for the perfect hot toddy – or even skip the booze altogether. That said, I’m going to make mine with a bottle of New Riff’s single-barrel bourbon.