Wedding Suit

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Suit


Everyone wants to look their best during special events like weddings. It’s a grandiose event for the bride and groom, so there’s no reason to not pick the best attire for the event. For men, picking out a wedding suit should be a top priority, even if they’re not the ones getting married. In most instances, there is a specific theme in a wedding event. Even when all the men have the same wedding suit, one can still change it up by incorporating tiny details into the suit.

You can visit online stores like the Oxford Shop to check out different wedding suits that would look amazing on anybody. There are several components to consider when wearing a wedding suit to ensure wearability and a perfect fit. You might end up wearing the wrong suit to the wedding, so it would be best to know what looks good on you.

Ensure a Perfect Fit

Sometimes, men get uncomfortable wearing the suit because it’s simply not their size. It’s essential to wear a suit that compliments your body shape. There are usually three types of fit for men:

  • Slim Fit – This fit is ideal for men who have a slim physique and have an 8” drop.
  • Regular Fit – For men who want the classic style, the regular fit can get the job done. It’s a comfortable fit with an allowance for finer movement.
  • Tailored Fit – This type of fit has a midway option and a more streamlined appearance than the typical regular fit.

Once you have the fit dialled down, there won’t be any issues wearing the suit. Determining the perfect fit also saves you the hassle of expending more energy to keep a calm and straight face at the wedding.


Determine the Season

When talking about wedding suits, it’s not always about wearing a thick coat. In some cases, the wedding might be held outdoors, making attendees sweat profusely if the weather gets hot. For men, ditching the wedding coat and replacing it with a vest is a viable solution. It’s essential to let your body breathe during times like these to ensure no complications will happen, like fainting.


Choosing the Correct Fabric

The type of fabric on a wedding suit can also affect comfortability. Thick fabric like wool is not advised during hot seasons. There are suits such as worsted, wool, or wool-blended that are excellent in quality and can maintain their shape for a very long time. Another replacement for the vest during a hot wedding day is a linen suit. This allows the body to breathe easier and keeps most parts cool. For men that are on a budget, you can go for polyester and cotton suits. They have the same characteristics as the linen suit and makes the wearer give off a smart look.


Add Tiny Details to the Suit

Once you have picked out a suit, the next step is choosing the right accessory. Even the smallest accessory can make wedding suits perfect. Accessories like cuff-links add elegance, while a bright silk tie will look amazing when the event has a summer-ish theme.

Ensure that your wedding suit will look perfect by remembering these tips. Following them can save you time, energy, and money when searching for the right kind of wedding suit.