Family Doctor

Tips on Getting the Best Family Doctors in 2020



While most people take for granted the importance of a family doctor, they are perhaps the most essential healthcare professional out of more than 100 medical specializations. When it comes to picking out the best family doctor, just don’t rush to pick a name out of the list provided by your insurance company.

Your family doctor is the professional you and your family can rely on to help manage your health. They have the skill and capability to help you with preventive care, including routine screening, immunization, physicals, diagnosis, and management of mild to chronic health complications such as diabetes type 2 and chronic hypertension. They are the first to attend to you when injury or illness interrupts your regular day to day activities.


Considerations to Make When Choosing the Best Family Doctor

You don’t get to choose many things in life, but when it comes to your family’s health, you have an option. Picking out a physician just because your insurance requests could make your healthcare visits a bad experience for you and your family. The following are a few things to consider choosing the right family doctor.


Location is Important

Traveling to see your family doctor 45-minutes away might not seem like an over-stretch, but when you or a family member gets sick, the distance will be unbearable. Your family doctor’s location is essential for your convenience, especially if you are required to see them more than once in a year.


What type of family doctor do you require?

Many people are not able to tell the difference between an internal medicine provider and a family doctor – you must understand the difference. A family doctor can take care of all patients of all ages from the time they are born to when they die; this can include adult, pediatric, gynecologic, obstetric, geriatric care among others. 

Ensure your family doctor can take care of your family’s needs. For instance, if you have a special needs family member, make sure your physician can take care of them when they need help in therapy, medication, treatment, hearing aids, etc.


Ask for referrals

A lot of individuals take referrals for granted. Close friends and relatives will offer the best reviews when it comes to their experience with doctors. You can also get referrals from a previous doctor with whom you had a good relationship, especially if you are moving addresses.

The best family doctor is the one who you are comfortable with

Medicine is a contact sport that relies on communication and trust. Without this, your experiences can be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a family doctor you trust with your family’s medical needs and requirements. For the best experience, choose a family doctor that you and your family are at ease with.


Get a doctor who is always available

You must get the most out of your appointments. It can be quite frustrating if you have to wait for months before seeing your family doctor again. Colorado Springs audiologist recommends choosing a family doctor that can be available within one to two days, or even better, the same day in case of emergencies. 

Ideally, it is always better to see a doctor that you know, rather than having to check into an urgent care clinic.