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5 Logical Reasons to Consider a Home Doctor Visit


Have you considered an in-house doctor visit? These General Practitioners (GPs) can provide house calls that can take the place of visits to doctor’s offices, for example. A home doctor visit is an option that some Australians select. Statistics show that 60% of patients who receive GP home visits are 60+ years old, according to ACGP.org. However, there are several reasons why people of all age groups might consider GP house visits.  

Convenient Hours

A doctor’s hours are often limited to specific days of the week and hours like late morning or early afternoon. GPs frequently have to schedule these hours around other responsibilities like performing surgeries.

A significant problem with this situation is that sometimes people require medical services outside regular office hours of doctor’s clinics. So it’s more convenient when you can get check-ups and treatments in the evening, over weekends, and on holidays.  

General Health

Another reason to consider GP home visits is if your general health condition isn’t good enough to get to a doctor’s office. This could be related to your overall health or disease episodes that make it impractical to travel to a health clinic.

Many seniors are in this situation, although other age groups including middle-aged or young adults, might also have the same problem.

If you suffer from serious health conditions or diseases, travelling to visit a professional doctor could even become a safety issue. For example, if you have mobility issues, you could risk falling while travelling from your home to the doctor’s office.

Medical Emergencies

If a serious health condition triggers severe symptoms, it’s important to receive medical attention as soon as possible. In the case of a life-threatening emergency, you should certainly go to the emergency room (ER) of a local hospital or medical centre.

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However, if you have an urgent yet non-life-threatening medical emergency, then an in-house doctor’s visit is a practical option. This provides the medical care you need without you needing to leave your home.

One of the benefits of GP home visits is you can often schedule appointments online. This allows you to avoid delays from factors like call centre queues. Such factors can reduce the convenience of home-based doctor’s visits.

Personalized Care

Surveys show that many doctors prefer to make house calls. It gives them a break from situations like crowded waiting rooms and a short time with their patients. Providing in-house visits can offer more personalized care, which benefits the physician and patient.

For example, house calls can give doctors more time to provide more comprehensive care. They can answer questions and provide lifestyle guidelines for diet and exercise.

Busy Schedule

If you have a hectic schedule, then it might simply be difficult to get to a health clinic or doctor’s office during regular office hours. This could be due to commitments related to work, home or school.

In fact, many clients report they prefer medical care through home visits due to time saved. This includes different factors including shorter wait times that can average a few hours.

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Services offering doctor house calls can be an ideal solution. That’s because you can schedule your after-hours appointment for any time in the evening, for example. This option provides you with the medical care you need while not missing other important events like business meetings, school classes, and football games.  

A home doctor visit might be ideal for you based on factors like medical emergencies, time savings, and personalized care. In fact, people of different ages walks of life, and health levels can all benefit from doctor house calls.

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