Do hoverboards cause any danger?



They quickly became famous when hoverboards emerged in 2015. These toys can be a nice way to get around, also known as self-balancing or two-wheeled platforms. Many parents started to question how risky hoverboards are, though.  

  Shortly after their launch, many manufacturers started selling high-quality and safe boards. The news claimed that hoverboards could threaten to overheat, catch fire, and cause bruises spontaneously. To date, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been alerted of more than 300 such accidents.  


An analysis of incident figures on the hoverboard: 

How often does a fall lead to significant hoverboard damage? Statistics from a survey by the American Academy of Pediatrics indicate that in 2015 and 2016, some 26,854 children visited the hoverboard emergency room for an accident. The average age was 11 years for the wounded boy, with guys far more often than children. 

Kids hurt their hands, forearms, and headmost frequently. Injuries were the most common:  

  • Fracturing (40%)  
  • Bruises (17%)  
  • Sprains / strengths (13%)  

Although these figures of hoverboard accidents can sound troubling, many other wheel toys around still lead to emergency rooms for much longer. Skateboards incurred almost 121,400 injuries over the same time from 2015 to 2016.  The report of jetson v12 all-terrain hoverboard is very high for its safety features.

Health safety for hoverboard: 

Then how can you help your children with a wheelchair if skateboards and hoverboards are dangerous? Here are few tips from Doctor Jerry Rose, M.D. in pediatric emergency medicine:  

  Enable children to wear precautions such as helmets and wrist guards. “With the children using wheeled toys such as hoverboards, skateboards, scooters, and motorcycles, parents have to adopt a basic ‘no helmet, no mountain trip’ strategy,” says Dr. Rose. Don’t let them in the traffic or next to it. Read all guidance from the manufacturer, including limits of age and weight. Must not use overheating motorized toys. Just use the product loading cord issued.  

Ashanti’s death has been the first scooter to catch fire in the United States to balance itself, widely known as hoverboards, says Scott Wolfson, communications chief of the United States Committee for Product Protection. In July last year, ten different toy brands were recalled, and in December, after almost 100 complaints of burn and battery overheating property damage, another model was recalled.  

Half a million hoverboards were eliminated because of the possibility of fire. Half a million ships are withdrawn because of the fire. We do not know whether or not the dramatic Harrisburg event linked the denied hoverboard,” said Wolfson, adding that this and other primary responses were reviewed by the Commission.


Make sure your child’s wheeled system is waste-free and worthless. So, you always get medical attention when your infant crashes, inducing consciousness loss, behavioral alteration, seizure, extreme headaches, vomiting, or overhead swelling, Dr. Rose.  

While the danger for the hoverboard is a problem, it is always best to know what your child requires. Dr. Rose notes that the sprains in the wrist and ankle should generally be handled with recovery, ice, compression, lifting (RICE). When you feel significant discomfort or bleeding in the extremities after a fall or if the pain lasts, a doctor must be consulted.

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