Plywood Furniture

The Benefits of Choosing Plywood for Furniture Materials


Plywood is produced commercially by refashioning and binding together different pieces of wood to create a larger composite. This process is a much stronger and stiffer material that you can use to create other plywood furniture

Plywood is considered by many as the first engineered wood product and since its first commercial production in the 1850s. Nowadays, home builders are using plywood as their choice of materials because of the following benefits. 

Plywood is Aesthetically Appealing

Although plywood is a combination of wood scraps bonded together, these bonded wood elements are covered by a solid wood layer. This feature will allow a solid wood look when you use plywood for your home’s walls or furniture. Plywood furniture will look better if a good quality veneer is used as the main outer covering of plywood. 

Plywood is Strong Material

You may assume that since plywood is not made of solid wood, it is not as strong. You assumed correctly. Plywood is much stronger. The cross arrangement of the grains of the wood elements on the inner layers of plywood distributes the plywood’s strength evenly, and therefore, there are no weak points. Unlike in solid wood panels, the strength is just along the grain. The phenolic adhesives used in the wood materials’ bonding process adds to the overall strength of plywood. 

Plywood is Extremely Durable

The uniform distribution of the strength of plywood makes it a very durable material. If you choose plywood with a high-quality veneer covering, then the durability is increased since veneers are very good at resisting sharp blows and are water-resistant as well. 

Plywood has Large Sizes

The dimensions of a standard sheet of plywood are four feet by eight feet. This large plywood size makes it convenient to be used for furniture material, especially if you are creating tables and cabinets where you will need a wide material. Because plywood comes in large sizes, you can cover a larger area with only one sheet without any gaps or uneven ends. You can also prevent having more wood waste during the furniture-making process. 

Plywood is Light in Weight

Plywood is lighter than solid wood, which is why they are perfect for furniture making. Plywood furniture will also be lighter than furniture made from solid wood, and therefore they will become more convenient in homes, especially if you move your furniture around a lot. 

You Can Cut Plywood Precisely

As compared to solid wood, you can easily cut a sheet of plywood according to your desired pattern, such as curves. You can also cut different sheets of plywood consistently with the same pattern. This process will allow plywood furniture manufacturers to be consistent with their products and price their products more affordable than solid wood furniture. 

Plywood is Eco-friendly

Since plywood is engineered wood, you can save many trees by using plywood or buying plywood furniture. You can create one sheet of plywood from different scraps of wood and a bonding agent. Purchasing furniture made out of plywood will indirectly affect the timber industry to get more solid wood. 

Plywood is Cheaper

With all dimensions being equal, plywood will always be cheaper and a more cost-effective option as furniture material. Plywood also comes in thicknesses that range from 1/8 inches to ¾ inches. The availability of the different thicknesses of plywood will also help furniture makers utilize only the thickness they need and prevent wasting materials. 

Plywood is the ideal material to be used for furniture. This material will look like real wood, are stronger and more durable, and are more lightweight and easier to assemble.