Power Tools

How To Take Care of Your Power Tools


You’ve invested a lot of money in power tools like a makita combo kit for your personal use or your business. As such, it would be prudent to care and maintain your tools for assured durability and longevity. After all, no one wants to waste their hard earned money. Here are recommendations to help you prolong the life of your power tools:

Choose the Right Equipment

One of the primary reasons for machine breakdown is that the wrong tool is being used for the job. If you overload your equipment with an application that it is not intended for, your tools will wear out faster. As a rule of thumb, ascertain that your chosen attachments have the right power and size for the job so the motor can work optimally. Too much pressure due to size negligence can cause failure, destroying both the tool and what you’re working on. 

Clean the Tool Diligently

For best results, you must clean your tools after every use. For example, the fans of your makita combo kit can draw stones or dust in through the motor casing while you’re using it. Make it a priority to clean the tool by blowing compressed air onto the machine. When you do this, make sure your tool is unplugged, or your cordless tool is off. For best results, flush out all the vents to take out all particles. Remember, in a cold environment; all these sediments can harden and stick to the internal parts. As such, your machine will not cool off properly when you use it, leading to electrical failure. 

Follow the Manual

Though this is an obvious requirement, a lot of studies show that most people skip this part. Before using any tool:

  1. Read the owner’s manual.
  2. Make sure that any person who will be using the tool understands its nuances. 
  3. Make it a habit to include this step in your working practices so you can take care of your tools. 

Store Your Tools Properly

One way to ensure your tools are always in good working order is proper storage. Keep them away from harsh environmental elements like excessive heat and moisture. The former can degrade the components fast, and the latter can cause an electrical short circuit. Always keep your tools in a safe and dry area with silica gels to wick out moisture. Proper storage also means keeping them away from debris and other possible accidents like dropping the tools.

Pay Attention to Cables

If your tools come with a power cord or charging cables, take care of these wires. The last thing you want is for these cables to weaken. Don’t coil them around your machine too tightly as this will cost undue stress. Make sure that you don’t pull the wire itself when you unplug the device but hold the base of the plug itself. Remind people not to walk over the cable or run through it with stuff when it is on the floor because it is soft and can get damaged. Inspect the wires regularly for damage and stress so you can replace them when needed. 

Allot Time For Rest

Finally, do keep in mind that your power tool is not mean to you be used constantly. When you grind, cut, or polish materials, these are all stressful conditions. Even machines wear out and need a break. To avoid damage and overheating, give your tools a break every now and then. With proper care and maintenance, the tools you’ve invested on will last you for a long time.