“O” Yeah! Fine Entertainment Enjoyed In Style


One of the hottest live performances to see in Las Vegas is O by Cirque Du Soleil. It’s an extravagant treat of sensational sights and sounds that leaves its audiences in awe and amazement – and it is a must-see the next time you are in “Sin City”!

This 105-minute-long spectacular show is staged mostly is the inside of a 1.5 million-gallon capacity swimming pool, with some of it taking place on a more traditional stage that surrounds the outer perimeter of the pool. O by Cirque Du Soleil is performed at the O Theater at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.

With the many set changes, and colorful costume changes, you won’t tire of the visuals as you watch extraordinary feats of astonishing acrobatics, gymnastics, contortionism, and impressive synchronizing swimming and diving coupled with magnificent multimedia and top-notch lighting effects. Tied into the show are the elements of air, water, and fire.

This is a very over-simplified description of the highlights of what you’ll experience, but there is no need to spoil your surprise and to establish expectations.

Music for the show is performed live by a band inside of a glass encasement to protect the band members and their instruments from any splashes of water and dampness.

And speaking of water and dampness, keep in mind that audience members sitting in the first few rows could get some splashed water on them. Those rows are marked accordingly, and this information would probably be shared with you at the time of ticket purchasing.

Avoid the splash issue by enjoying the show in style with one of the unique VIP packages. Included in these packages is a private suite with your choice of champagne or wine, truffles and private cocktail service. Overlooking the pool/stage, your suite would have an outstanding view of the show.  There are also high-end packages that include dinner at the acclaimed restaurant Harvest, which features top-notch Executive Chef Roy Ellamar.

Treat yourself, and perhaps even a special someone in your life, to this entertainment extravaganza … and do it in style!