For men’s footwear, don’t forget the socks


Yes, my wife may have a closet full of shoes, but guys in the know shouldn’t be embarrassed about having a good collection of footwear too. Even some well-dressed men tend to forget about this area, relegating their footwear to a single pair of dress shoes and a pair of athletic shoes. Men should take care when making a new shoe purchases. They should visit

The athletic shoe trend is one I’ve never quite understood, and I know guys who have never played a game of basketball in their lives who wear high-end basketball shoes every day. And while a pair of athletic shoes should probably be in your wardrobe, every guy should have at least two pair of Oxfords (one black and one brown or champagne), a pair of brogues (sometimes known as “wingtips”), and a good pair of walking shoes for comfort.

But there are a few fails that some guys still make, especially around my own Midwestern hometown – not cutting off the brand label on the arm of a new suit, not knowing that the white strip on their sneakers can be easily cleaned, and wearing white gym socks with everything.

One of my own guilty pleasures is getting new socks. Not just the standard black, brown and blue, but mixing in a few patterns, and even a few outrageous designs (including my Christmas socks which have pictures of Boston Terriers wearing Santa hats).

I found a company called prince + pete, a New York conceptual men’s sock company which offers some stylish, fun, and versatile options. They’re made from eco-friendly bamboo. I’ve encountered products made from bamboo fiber before, and they’re as soft as the best cotton, comfortable and durable. If you’re really a trendsetter and one of those guys who wear different colored socks one each feet, prince + pete will let you buy singles. It’s also a handy option for when your when your dog bites a hole through one of your favorite pair!