Important Tips for caregivers for offering the optimum services



Introduction: There are many cases wherein caregivers or nurses end up hurting themselves or the patient. It’s essential to be cautious while you are trying to move your client if you are a caregiver, nurse or if you are a daughter trying to move your father/mother from one place to another by yourself try considering help since lifting them alone may be regarded as the most challenging job.

You are not trained to lift that sort of weight as it can cause injuries to yourself or the patient, we all know how tough a job is for the caregiver is from every aspect, hence it is vital to be careful always. For all your help and buying critical medical related help consider buying online medical products for a wide range of equipment for your need.

As per the recent research done by CDCC Nurses and frontline leading nursing staff suffers from more back injuries, few also complain of shoulder pain as well while performing their job. Caregivers take an immense amount of risk while performing their job, same as with daughters lifting their father, ensure a safe lift irrespective your relation does not end up hurting your back.


 Consider these essential tips for caregivers:

Communicate-Always speak to the person or individual if you are lifting and let them to what you are going to do, make them aware of the situation or if moving from one place to another tell them about it or performing any other chores, by doing this a lot of injuries can be avoided which can be dangerous for you and the patient.

Don’t use your backTry not to lift and make use of your back since it can cause different back-related issues in the long run, Use the strength of legs to raise them. You can also consider help, wear belts on your beck to make sure it does not cause any discomfort while lifting these belts are readily available in the market, check for related medical supplies, and a wide range of products known as per your need.

Don’t lift from the waist-Never consider lifting a patient from the waist area as chances to get a severe injury is more to both, ask the patient for a push up from a hand if at all they can, support them with arms or with a slight push to lift them without any jerk.

Assist don’t lift– It is crucial to keep it in mind you only assist in raising and not trying to submit them all by yourself since at times the bodyweight of a patient is more than your actual weight if we try to lift more weight than our body more chances are you will be prone to get serious injuries or might end up hurting your back.

Use a patient support-it is one of the safest and comfortable options for a clean lift without causing any damages to the patient or yourself. There is a wide range of patient charges available in the market, or you can consider buying online medical products.

Drawsheets-Use, a draw sheet for assistance, fold a flat sheet in half from the length twice, position the same under the person you are trying to lift an entire lower & bottom mid back are on the sheet, grab one side of the sheet close to the body of the patient and ask the other person to give you a helping hand from the other side for a safe lift.


How to Position the Patient?

Position patients correctly to avoid any injuries caused to them by falling or sliding down from the bed. Make sure the head of the person is above and begin lifting from the ground slowly, and you can use a draw sheet and take the support of the pillow by dragging it from behind. If a patient wants to sit, make sure there is enormous support available at the back to support them by sliding a few pillows.


Conclusion-Effective and lift which does not cause any injury to anyone will be a perfect lift, make sure you are taking care. At the same time, you get yourself involved or planning, if you are a caregiver or a daughter trying to help a patient or a father, make sure you follow the tips and prevent any injuries. Buy online medical products for different health equipment.

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