European Roulette Game Review


For all you roulette lovers out there, here is an online version just for you – it can be played at You may not be in a real-world casino, but you will definitely feel like you are as you stare as NetEnt’s life-like roulette table. Let’s see how their online version stacks up.

NetEnt European Roulette Info

NetEnt designed this table game based on the usual European style of roulette. You do not need to switch screens as they have placed the wheel above the table to allow players to see what is going on at all times. If by small chance you have not played online roulette, it would be a good idea to place yourself in the hands of renowned developers for your first try.

NetEnt European Roulette Features

Let us begin by having a look at the racetrack. It includes zero, tiers and, other game features. If you move your cursor over each of these terms, you will be able to see what numbers you would be betting on. A good idea is to play the game for free before playing for real money to get the hang of things.

Next up is the statistics feature that displays the hot or cold status (whether they appear more or less than usual) of certain numbers and colors. This helps you decide if you should adjust your bet for the upcoming round. This section is on the right of the wheel.

When you are looking for your next bet, hover your chip over a certain area to see the min and max bet amounts. This feature gives players a better idea of what the max bet for a number is.

Betting and Payout Rate

This NetEnt version of online European Roulette has an RTP of 97.3%. The smallest chip value is just £1, and there is a limit of four values. You will see the chip value choices in the middle of the bottom section of your monitor. If you want to find other values, use the arrow keys on either side of the chips. The highest chip value is set at £500. Keep in mind that you are not limited to using only 1 chip on each wheel spin.

In this version of roulette, the largest prize is for a straight bet that turns out to be correct. This pays 35 to one, the overall amount you could be paid out depends on the value of your bet.


This version of European Roulette is quite basic and the same as traditional roulette, the uniqueness and innovation lie in the way in which NetEnt designed the game and made its features and controls easily understood. If you are looking to play one of the better versions of this game, NetEnt’s is the way to go, as their games are known to deliver. The perk here is that you can play a practice round to get a hang of things without being afraid of losing it all by pressing the wrong button! This developer strikes again with its winner of a table game.