Dog Vivant: High fashion for canines


Woof! As a proud Boston Terrier, I always insist that my humans give me stylish sweaters and collars. When I take my human for a walk, we’re quite a pair, he in a pair of champagne-colored brogues and a herringbone blazer and me with an exquisite black-and-white collar to match my natural fur. Everybody in the neighborhood loves to see me coming, and I always get lots of attention!

One of my favorite jackets is a Hmong hilltribe piece that my Mommy’s friend sent me from Thailand. I was so pleased to see the pictures from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, where the prince’s ex-girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, showed up to the royal wedding wearing a Hmong-inspired dress by English designer Eponine London. I wish Eponine made clothing for dogs, too!

My humans always say I’m a fancy dog, and very smart, too, since I can understand commands in two languages. Most of the time I ignore them, but I do understand them! I do need to tell my humans it’s time for me to get a new collar though, I’m bored with my old one, which has little cartoon pictures of bones on it. I mean really, what a stererotype! Just because I’m a dog, they think I’m supposed to wear clothing with bone pictures? Let’s get something a little classier, humans! Not just any collar will do! My friend Mr. Woo and his human Wendy over in Colorado run a company called Walk-e-Woo, and they have some great styles. Here’s a picture of Mr. Woo in a pink plaid leash. Who says boys can’t wear pink? Come on, my humans! Buy me that one!

Mr. Woo, in his hot pink plaid leash from

You know, I really am a discerning dog, and I won’t just wear anything. My humans tried to put a silly-looking sweater on me last Christmas and I pulled it right off. I’d rather have a Polaris sweater from RC Pets. My friend Jill over there told me all about it: “At RC Pets we are all about combining fashion and function; the Polaris series exemplifies this. Its reflective yarn provides maximum nighttime visibility, while the chunky weave and stylish colors make them sure to brighten up the cold months, day or night.” I’m sold, Jill! I’m asking my humans to get me this one for my birthday!

The Polaris sweater from RC Pets

I always love to keep up on all the latest dog fashion news, and I read my good human friend Rochelle’s blog, “The Broke Dog,” all the time. Rochelle knows all about pet fashion, and she even sells some very stylish bow ties in her shop, Brooklyn Bowtied, where she sells stylish accessories for trendy hounds. Perfect for when I’m trying to impress that little bichon frise down the street! Pay attention humans, I want this.

Doggy bow ties from Brooklyn Bowtied

Now one of my favorite holidays is Halloween, and I love dressing up in costume and strolling through the neighborhood and begging for treats. Just a reminder for everyone, when you’re stocking up on candy, get some doggy treats, too! My good friend Allison from New Orleans runs a company called Pet Krewe, and she has lots of fun Halloween outfits. This Halloween I’m asking my humans to get me Allison’s special pirate costume! Here’s a picture of Allison and her pup, showing off the costume.

Pet Krewe is the place for doggy Halloween costumes!

I just found out that Pet Krewe also just created an augmented reality app. Now my humans won’t allow me to use the computer, but when humans order a costume, they get a special code that activates an immersive augmented reality environment. Allison tells me that they have a mermaid costume, and the app shows the mermaid doggo surrounded by waves, reefs, and jellyfishes!

I especially love that Pet Krewe donates 10 percent of their profits to animal shelters. And there’s really nothing like a well-dressed pup to get a human’s attention at the shelter! Down on New Orleans my friend Lopez, a pitbull who only has three legs, just wasn’t having any luck attracting a human to take him home. Poor Lopez! But Allison put the lion costume on Lopez, and he was such a big ham in it! The pictures of Lopez in the lion costume got him adopted right away and now he has a happy home, just like me!

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