Life on her own terms. More Women are Choosing to Vape


All over America, and in other parts of the world, women are enjoying the freedom to choose what’s right for them and their lives. She can decide how she lives her life, and how she spends her time and money.

Freedom of choice is what the women’s movement has been all about all along. She doesn’t let society, or a specific someone in her life, dictate her decisions. It doesn’t matter whether the topic is career, motherhood … or vaping.

That’s right: Vaping. For a variety of reasons, more and more women are turning to this technology. Vaping, an alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking, involves inhaling vapors of heated liquids (often referred to as “e-liquids”) instead of smoke.

Women who vape do so on their own terms. They show their individualism with the types and flavors of e-liquids they choose. And goodness knows there are enough flavors to satisfy just about any taste or preference out there.

It’s the enjoyment of a simple pleasure on her terms … and her exercise of free will and self-determination – even on something like whether to vape. Women who vape don’t shame or bully other women because they choose not to vape. At least, not the women I know. Most of us ladies know that the law-abiding ways in which a woman of sound mind spends her money, her time, and her energy is nobody’s business but her own.

One might ask: Why would an adult woman want to vape? There are lots of different reasons, and those reasons can vary from person to person – male or female. Maybe she wants to quit smoking and is looking for an alternative. Maybe she likes the sensation of vapor after she inhales it. But the best answer to the “why” question is this: For whatever reason she chooses!

In response to a once-popular advertising slogan, it’s safe to say “Yes, we have come a long way, baby!”

We saw women make up their own minds when it came to cigarette smoking, a pleasure once thought to be just something that men do. Then, we saw women decide that they wanted to partake in the pleasure of a good cigar – as their male counterparts have done for decades. And now, we vape if we choose to do so.

Although this bigger issue of having the freedom of choice is somewhat linked to women and vaping, ladies who vape do it because they enjoy it. And they have fun with it.

For example, flavored e-liquids (also called “vape juices”) can be paired with cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages to experience an enjoyable fusion of flavors. A pleasure for your palate, you could say. It’s like pairing a glass of fine wine with your meal or a cigar with a snifter of brandy.

Interested in giving vaping a try, ladies? If you choose to do so, find a reputable vape retailer that is a one-stop-shop, meaning that you can get everything you need to get started in one place. And, you will find truly knowledgeable staff with expertise because you will likely have lots of questions at the beginning. Check out retailer Vapor Authority for all of your vaping needs, including a great variety of e-liquids to satisfy your tastes.

Look, this isn’t about vaping being done by under-aged teens or elementary schoolchildren. And it’s not about an activity which is against the law.

This is about women across America, and in many parts of the world, making a choice about their lives. About whether they choose to vape. And whether the answer is yes or no to vaping. These women will do so – or not do so – on their own terms. Freedom of self-determination in one’s life … it’s a beautiful thing to have. We didn’t always have this beautiful thing, ladies. Embrace it, and live your life on your own terms. You owe yourself that much … and you deserve it!