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Comparison of e-Book Readers: Analysis


If you are a lover of reading, one of the best devices you can buy is an electronic book reader. Thanks to these devices you can enjoy this passion wherever and whenever you want. e-Book Readers

In the market you will find many options, so to help you choose the best option we have prepared this buying guide with all the information you need for eBook reader comparison and detailed analysis.

The Electronic Book Reader

This is a device with a design similar to that of a tablet, but the difference between an e-book reader and a tablet is that the function of the former is only to read digitized books.

By using electronic ink screens, they simulate the sensation of reading a book on paper. In addition, it has a memory, which can be internal or external, for users to store books on the computer.

Best e-Book Readers of 2020

In the next section, you can find the most important details of the best models in each price range. Thus, whatever the budget you have set for this product, you can get it.

The Best Value for Money

This e-reader has a 6-inch high resolution (300 dpi) screen. It has a memory of 8 GB and a WIFI connection. Its integrated light is adjustable for greater comfort and it is also waterproof. Your battery can last for weeks.

The Best High-End Model

This model also has a 6-inch screen and a resolution of 300 dpi. Its internal memory is 8 GB and it has a WIFI connection. It has a ‘night mode’ so that it emits a warmer light tone. Its battery is long-lasting.

The Best Cheap Model

This e-reader has a 6-inch screen with 16 levels of gray. Its internal memory is 4 GB and it is compatible with MicroSD. It has a powerful processor and its screen does not produce reflections.

Comparative of e-book readers

If you are looking for a good ebook reader to buy, we recommend you review this comparison table made by the web team in which we have included the four outstanding models on the market.

Why buy An Electronic Book Reader?

Today almost everything is handled in the digital environment. For this reason, electronic books are becoming more and more popular and with the electronic book readers.

These devices really offer a lot of advantages to those who like to read and one of them is, without a doubt, the ease they offer to be able to carry your favorite books anywhere regardless of the length, and therefore the weight, of the books.

Since electronic books do not take up physical space like traditional ones, you can take as many as you want with you, just by storing them in the reader’s memory. You will also have them all in one place, so when you want to read one you just have to look for it by its title and that’s it.

These devices are super light, so it won’t be a hassle to carry them in your backpack or bag. They also have a large storage capacity so you can keep all the books you want. With this device, you should not spend time going to a bookstore, since you can get them on the Internet.

On the other hand, when buying an electronic book reader, you can save in different ways. By not buying physical books or not printing documents, you will contribute to paper savings. Also, e-books are cheaper than physical books, since printing, storage, and transportation costs are eliminated. Also, many of them are available for free.

How to use an Electronic Book Reader?

Using an electronic book reader is not complicated at all. However, in order to start enjoying reading on this device, you must load the books. You can do it in two ways: by means of a USB cable or by connecting to the Internet to enter a digital library or online store.

To transfer from the computer to the eReader, you just have to connect both devices using the USB cable. Once the reader is detected, you can browse the books by simply pasting and copying the files or simply by dragging and dropping. Another way to do it is with an external memory card.

If you want to add books online, you must connect to the internet via Wi-Fi and then enter the library or store where the book is located. If you buy a Kindle, for example, you must log in to your Amazon account to use the company’s cloud, since that is where the purchased books are stored.

Once you have your books loaded, you just have to select them to start reading them. You must bear in mind that each reader is different. So, if you want to know exactly how its functions are, you should read the instruction manual. However, we assure you that using it will not be difficult, since these devices are completely intuitive to use. e-Book Readers