Why games are good for you

Why games are good for you?


Are you a real gamer? Good news! Gaming demands more from your mental mind than reading or watching your favorite series, for example. And that has a very positive effect on your life.

  1. Memory check

A painful divorce behind you? A car accident that keeps you dreaming about? Bad memories not only hold you back in your private life, but can also have a major impact on the workplace. Concentration problems or an extra portion of stress. Gaming keeps you in control of those painful memories. A prerequisite: you must play games that are visually appealing, such as Tetris or Candy Crush. The bright colors disturb your bad memories, so you also think less about those terrible times. Scientifically proven! For more about gaming check 토토사이트.


  1. Exercise more

Don’t want to go to the gym? Then go for a virtual workout. Certain games make you move more. They even lower your stress level. Choose the right games. Sports games with which you have to move yourself, for example. If you can see from your own game character or avatar what the effects of a little movement are, it is much more likely that you will put on your sneakers and exercise yourself.


  1. Less anxiety

Anyone who has an important presentation on the agenda can sometimes suffer from stress. What if you can’t get out of your way? Or you discover a big mistake in your presentation? Games like Minecraft, where you have to build your own empire, reduce fear. A study shows that children who play games before surgery are not at all scared. Children who don’t play games are. So gaming can also have an impact on your professional career. Do you need to give an important explanation soon? Then play a game of Minecraft in advance. So you are focused on expanding your territory and you do not have time to think about what could go wrong during your presentation.


  1. The medicine for depression

Do you suffer from stress, fatigue and performance anxiety? Relaxing games like Plants Vs. Playing Zombies, Peggle and Bejeweled improves your mental and emotional state. That has everything to do with your heart rate and how your brain responds to the games. Even after twenty minutes you notice a clear difference.


  1. Resilient and optimistic

The best therapy for when you just don’t like it anymore: gaming at least nine hours a week. Games where you lose but can start over immediately, with extra knowledge and skills, ensure that you are more positive, motivated and more determined in life. After all, when you get more opportunities to use different strategies, more dopamine is released. That hormone not only creates a feeling of happiness at that moment, but also changes your attitude in the long term.


  1. Social beings

Gaming ensures more social contacts. But how is that possible if you are sitting behind a screen all the time? Games like bowling on the Wii ensure that everyone plays by the same rules, that everyone works with the same resources and that everyone focuses on the same goal. That is the perfect basis for friendship.