Microblading Disposable Pen

How to Choose a Good Microblading Disposable Pen


Microblading has taken the beauty-conscious world by storm. With increasing acceptance among celebrities, fashionistas believe this “must have” trend is here to stay for long. And, using a microblading disposable pen to give your eyebrows the complementary fleek to match your sass is just the demand of time. Yet, for those of us who are unsure of how to choose a good microblading disposable pen, this writing would quench your information thirst.

What is microblading and why is microblading popular?

Before moving into how you might make your choice for an ideal microblading pen, you need to have an idea of what it is and what makes it a household name.

Microblading is a process to apply semi-permanent medical grade pigmentation on your brows using a delicate manually handheld tool with fine needles. Although this tattoo-like practice has a history dating back to thousands of years ago in Japan, it has been in the limelight of the beauty industry in recent years. Thin strokes mimicking natural brows are applied into the upper region of the epidermis to reshape or enhance your brow. This low-maintenance method lasts more than a year and saves you time and money every day as an alternative to conventional brow-filling makeups/shaping and procedures. Ever noticed the major celebrity brow transformations; they have more than enough busy schedules to not being afraid of needles. In simple words, microblading is a promise to reach your fuller brow goals quickly, affordably, and painlessly. 

How to choose a good microblading disposable pen?

Whether you are someone who’s a professional artist or a novice willing to meddle in this by learning about microblading, you must know the factors that must be looked at thoroughly before the big leap into purchasing a microblading disposable pen.

Product description – No matter from which shop you are purchasing it from or whoever suggested you regarding the manual microblading pen, you must read the description as it gives you an overall idea of what makes the product different than others. Just like any other product you buy in the marketplace, features and specifications are the primary parameters of the deal.

Design – The pen should be purchased based on the needs of the user’s skin. Factors such as skin’s sensitivity, thickness, and oiliness vary depending on age. The design of the pen should be such that it gives the desired functionality of delicate hair strokes on specific skin types without compromising ease of handling the pen for flexible movements.

Safety – What stands out about a disposable microblading pen is that it’s a one time use only, meaning the chances of contamination and infection are significantly reduced compared to traditional microblading pens. Therefore, you must note that it matches with local heath code requirements, along with the sterilization certificate, lot number, and expiry date.

Durability – While disposable items are for one-time use only, you must ensure that the microblading pen you purchase must hold on to the sharpness of the medical grade stainless steel blade throughout the whole duration of the microblading process giving out precise and natural hair strokes as an outcome.

Expert advice – There are a lot of measurements to be done and skin conditions to be assessed before ensuring the best results. An expert’s consultancy might suggest to you what type of disposable microblading pens might suit you. After all, it’s about the outlook you have yearned for so long, take some time for a professional’s perspective.

Research & Reviews – With so many reviews and blogs sprouting up the online world. Do some research and analysis yourself regarding what customers feel about the whole process from beginning to end and what technicians have to say about the whole beautification procedure.

Budget – Last but not least, your wallet must support you. Microblading disposable pen is the buzzword for the beauty-savvy. The pros and cons of the pen must be matched with your ideal budget. Make sure you have a balance of your desired look without compromising hygiene. 


Whether you are starting out as a newbie or an experienced professional, you must have the best quality disposable microblading pen to ensure the quality of the brow beautification service you offer. The well-balanced combination of needles, blades, pigmentation, and ergonomic design of the pen would ensure the best possible outcome. Although a disposable option would eliminate a lot of allergies and infection related risks, preliminary directions and aftercare instructions must be followed carefully no matter how high a quality microblading disposable pen is used. 

Closing remarks 

Now that you know how to choose a good microblading disposable pen, you are one step closer to plunging into attaining the lasting as well as the priceless moment of picture-perfect eyebrows. Undoubtedly, eyebrows make your fashion statement complete, and after a microblading treatment, you will never say no to taking a selfie.