Best Roofing Materials For Ottawa and Canadian Climate

Best Roofing Materials For Ottawa and Canadian Climate


Here’s a riddle for you: What bakes under the sun in summer and locks in the heat during the winter? The answer is your roof. In Canada, there are four seasons, each with weather patterns that undoubtedly affect your home’s roof. Many homeowners overlook the materials on their roof, thinking that as long as there is a roof, they’re protecting. However, it does not always work that way. Some roofing materials are better for Ottawa and the Canadian climate than others.


Here are the best roofing materials for Canada:



Throughout North America, asphalt is the favorite. With an attractive price and design, asphalt shingles have everything you need to survive the Canadian climate. One warning: do not purchase 3-tab shingles. Instead, opt for architectural shingles. The difference is in the design. 3-tab shingles are far less resilient and do not have the longevity to be a decent investment.


Architectural shingles, on the other hand, are made with several layers of fiberglass and asphalt. Fire resistant and wind resistant, asphalt shingles provide plenty of protection. Maintain them well enough, and they will last about 25-30 years.



There are a few downsides to slate, but if you own a home with a roof that can handle the heavy weight, there is no reason to not consider it. Slate can handle temperature extremes better than most roofing materials. One thing you need to keep in mind is that slate could cause your roof to sag. If you plan on getting slate tiles, your roof may need to be fortified. Due to the complicated installation process, slate has a steep cost.


Otherwise, consider the benefits. Slate is 100 percent fireproof and windproof. It is completely natural and looks beautiful. That makes it environmentally-friendly as well.



You have probably never even thought that metal would make for decent roofing. The truth is that it is one of the best roofing materials for the Canadian climate that you can find. Whether you choose aluminum, zinc, cooper, or steel, you get a durable and aesthetically-pleasing roof.


Zinc and copper work well for Ottawa homes, because even without a finish, they can last between 50-70 years. Aluminum is a great choice for homes closer to the coast, since it is resistant to rusting.


The only downside is that metal is not very impact resistant. If you dwell somewhere prone to hail stones, metal may not be the best choice.



If you’re thinking, “Slate is way out of my price range,” then you should look at concrete. Similar to slate, concrete is available in tiles and looks great with both traditional and model architecture. Concrete has a considerable price-quality ratio, since it is cheaper than slate but has the same level of durability as wood shakes or shingles. In fact, even with minimal maintenance, concrete tiles will last up to 50 years.


Concrete is great for Canada’s climate because the tiles are coated with a layer that protects your home from pollution, dampness, UV rays, and the cold. They are waterproof and resistant to shrinking and warping. Furthermore, concrete tiles are easier to install when compared to slate; they are also highly customizable.


Final Thoughts

Roofing materials are supposed to protect your home from the Canadian climate, so choose wisely! By selecting the best roofing materials for Ottawa, your roof will be able to protect your home from whatever Mother Nature throws at it. No matter your budget or your aesthetic, asphalt, concrete, metal, or slate is sure to look fabulous on your home.