Things you need to know about gaming

Things you need to know about gaming


Gaming is popular with young people of all ages. It provides relaxation, challenge and can give a kick when passing difficult levels. Although gaming has a number of positive effects, it also has a lot of disadvantages.

How long a day?

There are nowhere fixed guidelines about how many hours a day can be played. So people have to take the responsibility themselves to estimate what is too much. 1 to 2 hours seems fine. But longer than 3 hours becomes problematic, a lot of time is lost that could be spent on more valuable things. Time is precious. If interested check 바카라사이트 for more about gaming.

What are the risks of gaming?

Social isolation. Because gaming is so addictive, people can go on for hours. As a result, there is less social contact in the real world, with friends or parents.

Problematic gaming behavior: loss of balance between gaming and other activities in daily life. Think of children who spend more time gaming than school, which means the child gets worse grades. Parents can prevent problems by making clear agreements and setting screen time. Too much gaming can lead to gaming addiction.

Physical risks. Back complaints can occur due to an incorrect sitting position. Being overweight is also a risk. Eye complaints can also arise, it is of course already known that staring at a screen for a long time is not good for the eyes.

Less personal grooming. People start to exercise less, eat less and sleep less.

Financial risks. Many games have in-game purchases such as character outfits, loot boxes, and weapons. There is marketing behind it, a cool new outfit for a character is sometimes presented in a grand manner. After the first purchase, more often follow, think of someone who wants to collect all the outfits for his character. It often costs a lot, for example an outfit can cost around 10 euros. This is often the case with free games, they have no income from selling the game, but from selling items.

What are the benefits of gaming?

Escape from reality for a while. The nice thing about games is that people can fully immerse themselves in it, it is fun. A fun game can make a gamer feel more positive.

Playing action games, where the gamer must be alert and react quickly, improves the gamer’s attention. It is believed that this will allow gamers to learn new skills in everyday life as well. Also can improve response time.

Strategic games provide improved problem-solving skills. Gamers have to come up with a solution themselves, often few hints are given.

Stronger persistence as gamers face failure and challenges.

Strengthen social skills. Through online games someone comes into contact with all kinds of different people. Sometimes friendships develop. There are also children who have learned English in this way.

The overall conclusion from the research is that young people who play games are, among other things, more creative, communicate stronger and are better with language. They also see a positive relationship with the reading and writing skills and empathy of young people.