With all of this rain, how can I get motivated to exercise this summer?


It’s Q&A time with Amanda Hudes, Founder of Smiling Through Chaos!

For many of us here in the NorthEast and in other parts of the US, this summer has been extremely humid and rainy. And that DOESN’T make us want to exercise. So how can you get motivated?

Here are a few tips to get you motivated to exercise this summer:

  1. If you’re a fashionista, just think of all the cute exercise outfits out there right now! Before the cool temperatures of Fall join us and jackets are needed to cover up those cute outfits, show them off!
  2. Use the social media hashtag #MotivationMonday as a weekly tool to start your week off right. Motivation Monday can mean eating better during the upcoming week, exercising more, or a combination of the two and just living a healthier lifestyle!
  3. Keep focused on the prize, the prize being optimal health. Think Fall colds and flu. Getting your body healthier now will create powerful immunity to sicknesses while also energizing you.
  4. Although it can be enjoyable to exercise outside during the warmer months, if the weather is dreary, stay in the air conditioning and push yourself by taking a new exercise class that will keep things fun!
  5. If you’re not one to actually want to see other people when you exercise, stay inside and watch those raindrops fall from afar. Play some calming music and close your eyes. Hear the rain. And practice mindfulness and becoming more in tune with your body by focusing through yoga.

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Amanda Hudes