Man Best Friend

Why is a Dog Man’s Best Friend?


During this Coronavirus pandemic, we have all in one way or another come across images of dogs that are skin to bone. This surely touched our hearts and made us sympathize with the plight of man’s best friend. The lockdowns imposed and the virus-spread only further made the situation terrible for these faithful dogs as people were reluctant to step out of their houses. 

In such dire circumstances, the dogs started eating garbage and just about anything they could chew on. Apart from the fact that they were feeble and suffering from starvation, it was even worse to see them eat plastic and other hazardous material that could be life endangering. Make a donation for dog and do your part to help provide for these beautiful animals

A Friend You Can Depend Upon

Having a pet animal, especially a dog can help nurture one’s character. Kids who grow up with dogs as pets are more empathetic, loving, understanding, sharing, and kinder than those who have grown up with siblings. Now, isn’t that astonishing? This doesn’t mean one need not have a sibling but it simply states the fact that dogs are more loving, faithful, and understanding.

Dogs are the embodiment of selflessness and loyalty. We have all heard about the true story of a dog named ‘Hachiko’ that waited for his master who passed away for several years at the same railway station at the exact time every day for his master to return. That’s the kind of loyalty and love that can bring tears to one’s eyes.

Not Just a Luxury or a Pet

On several occasions, we have heard stories of how dogs have rescued babies, saved girls walking on the streets, fought off assailants, saved their master’s life by waking them up, and many such other stories of bravery. Their love knows no bounds. Stray dogs have saved people from being mugged, robbed, raped, killed, and beaten up by putting their own life at risk. What could be nobler than this? 

Roads of India

The dogs you see around the streets of India are Indian Mongrels, a breed indigenous to the country. Any street or road you walk by it is easy to spot them as they are found in almost every street throughout the country. They vary in color, size, and even height although mostly they are lean weighing between 20 – 30 kgs for an adult and grow to an average height of 1.5 – 2.5 feet.

Most of them seek shelter under cars or sidewalks during cold winter nights or heavy monsoon rains. Moving from street to street in search of food and shelter. Indian mongrels are known to be very friendly and loving. It is sad to see people throw stones at these innocent animals.


NGOs and social service workers do try their best to feed a stray dog and create awareness but despite their best efforts, it is still not enough. They fall way short as the number of organizations for stray dogs is very minimal.


Pick Up a Stray, Don’t Shop 

Adopt don’t shop is a hashtag that has become widely trending with many animal lovers, social workers, and pet owners focussed on creating a worldwide awareness that every animal is the same and deserving of our love, care, support, and a home. 

In yesteryears, people have been known to spend massive amounts of cash to buy dogs that are of the rare breed while this is certainly not wrong. This money could go a long way as a donation for a dog to take care, feed, and provide a home for many dogs if people started adopting.

Shelter homes for animals are less in number and find it difficult to tend to the needs of dogs due to the financial constraints they face. Sometimes, people abandon their pets due to their pet’s age, health condition, and many other factors. 

A Small Deed is All we Need 

It is certainly difficult for many people to own a pet. But this surely is not the only way to care for these adorable animals. A small act of kindness or love is all that is needed, feeding a stray that looks starved is certainly a start.



Man’s best friend is a term commonly used to refer to dogs and rightly so. This amazing animal has truly shown us what love is and we could do our little bit by giving back to them by supporting shelters, feeding strays, or adopting an animal rather than shopping for one.

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