TuneupMyMac: The Mineral You Need for Your Mac


Unlike Windows, Mac is less prone to infections however we can’t consider it innocuous. Whatever you browse or do on the machine, may invite some cache, temp files, junk, or other clutter. Manually cleaning our Mac may not be possible on a regular interval hence we use the best Mac cleaning software to get rid of this clutter.

There are several ways to manually optimize your Mac manually however it totally depends on the usage. If the usage is high, you may need to perform manual optimization on weekly basis else monthly optimization can also work. Here are a few basic steps that you can perform if you opt for manual optimization.

Manual Optimization on Mac

Clear Cache

If your maximum usage is on the browser, cleaning up the Cache is the first thing you should do. Cache files take up a lot of space on your Mac and slow down the system performance. You can go to the cache library and clear all the files but not the folders.


Uninstall Old Apps

The next big move that you can take to optimize your Mac’s performance is to uninstall unwanted and unused apps from your Mac. There are apps that are just for one-time use. One should randomly keep a check on installed apps and figure out apps that you no longer need on your Mac. Simply Drag and drop them in the trash and they will be gone from your Mac.

 Clear Duplicate Files

As and when we take a backup of our devices, like iPhone, iPad, or some other device, we end up creating duplicate files on our Mac. You can clean duplicates manually if you know and if you can compare old and new backup files. It is advisable to use Duplicate Files Fixer to identify, preview, and delete all the duplicate files in no time.

 Delete Large Files

We download or copy a lot of movies or large video files on our Mac. Randomly keep a check on your downloads and other large files. Sort large files in explorer and delete them if you don’t need them anymore.


Clear Old iOS Backups

Creating iOS backup files is good to secure your data on other devices however it is recommended to keep a check on old backups that we no longer need. These old backup files take up gigabytes on your Mac and slow down the system performance. Go to the Apple menu followed by ‘About This Mac.’ Select the ‘Storage’ tab and click on the ‘Manage’ option. Choose iOS files in the left-hand side menu and remove the oldest backup in the list.


Clear Language Files

Consolidated language files also take around a gigabyte on your Mac.  These language files are of no use and you only use English as your primary language, you can go ahead and clear the rest of the language files to get this extra gigabyte on your Mac. Manually cleaning language files is a tedious job as you need to get into every folder to clear it up.

 Empty Trash

This is one important task to perform. Whatever we remove or delete goes into the trash folder. This way we are not actually deleting anything from our Mac but moving files from other folders to the trash. Click and hold on the Trash can icon on the Dock and select ‘Empty Trash’ to permanently remove items from your hard drive.


Using TuneupMyMac

Automatically optimize your Mac using one of the best Mac cleaning software available for 2020. TuneupMyMac is the best Mac storage cleaner that can eliminate clutter, optimize your Mac performance, and enhance durability and stability on your Mac.

TuneupMyMac is available for OS X 10.7 or later versions and can clean your Mac in just a single click. It’s an automated process to free up hard drive space on your Mac. You can speed up your Mac, remove junk files, delete sensitive and confidential data securely, and optimize your hard drive to reclaim that extra space back on your Mac.

 TuneupMyMac Features

Download TuneupMyMac

If you wonder what makes it the best Mac optimization software? Here are the features at a glance.

  • Perform swift, safe and easy cleaning with a single click.
  • Clears user log files and system logs with accumulated temporary files.
  • Cleans system cache, log files, temp files, junk, and other clutter from unwanted apps.
  • Cleans language files from localized applications and redundant files from app folders.
  • Scans your internet browsing history and cache files of all browsers and protects your privacy.
  • Inbuilt duplicate finder can find and remove duplicate files, pictures, and all other file formats.
  • Optimize Mac Startup files and allows you to select apps that you wish to load at startup.
  • The uninstaller function can uninstall and completely remove redundant app clutter.
  • Removes large files and deletes important documents permanently.

Summing Up

This TuneupMyMac e-review clearly indicates that regular maintenance and clean-up is required to keep your system smooth and as good as new. The manual cleaning process is a tedious and time taking job where you may not perform all the steps on a weekly basis. Using TuneupMyMac can ensure proper optimization as this is the best Mac cleaning software available in 2020. Happy Computing!

Summary:- Mac optimization is made easy with this best Mac optimization software. TuneupMyMac e-review claims it is the best Mac cleaning software.
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