Vocabulary From Your Cell Phone

How to Improve Your Vocabulary From Your Cell Phone?


If you are a writer, Who writes for a social or any purpose, then mostly repeats the same words or phrases. Even as a professional writer, I find myself falling into the same patterns of words and phrases too often.

Now, I grew up reading a ton and still read a considerable amount, so I pride myself on having a pretty robust vocabulary. However, when you’re writing to try and meet deadlines, it can be very easy to use the words and phrases you’re most comfortable with instead of expanding your writing beyond your comfort zone.

In order to save time while diversifying my writing, I started looking for convenient thesaurus websites or mobile apps. The most helpful resource I found was a list of mobile Thesaurus apps available online.

Best Thesaurus Apps

No matter what kind of writing you do, professional, personal, artistic, or informative, these apps can help you in a variety of ways. From synonyms to pronunciation guides, and even vocabulary-building activities for kids, you can find it all in these apps.

Large Lists of Synonyms You Can Trust

The main purpose of a thesaurus, of course, is to find synonyms for the words you typically use. However, when you try to force these new words into your writing, it can get a little awkward. If I was writing this article with a thesaurus, I might try to find another word to use for “great”. As a superlative, this word can get a little bit overused. But, if you don’t have a very good thesaurus, it might make random suggestions that will lead you to forced, clunky, or just plain incorrect writing.

For instance, if I said, “these thesaurus apps are a great way to build your vocabulary and improve your writing”, it just sounds like I’m having a casual conversation with the reader. But, if I use an app that has no context built-in, it might suggest I use a word like “stupendous” in place of “great”. So now when I say, “these thesaurus apps are a stupendous way to build your vocabulary and improve your writing,” you’re probably picturing a stuffy Oxford professor lecturing to you as he smokes his pipe. When using a thesaurus, be careful to have an app that can make tone-friendly suggestions that will improve your writing, but still fit the style.

Pronunciation Guides

Another common mistake when using a thesaurus is not pronouncing the new and improved word correctly. Let’s say you’re trying to write a speech for class. A thesaurus is a helpful tool to make you sound smarter, but it can easily backfire.

You don’t want to stand up in front of a crowd and continue repeating that “the criminal’s actions were wrong” or “bad”. A thesaurus might suggest using the word “egregious” in this case, but if you pronounce it wrong, your audience will realize you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Now, if your thesaurus comes with a pronunciation guide, which so many of these apps do, you can make your audience think you’re the smartest person in the room. With helpful pronunciation guides that you can read and listen to at the same time, you’ll be pronouncing these synonyms with accuracy and confidence on speech day.

Kids Vocabulary Activities

Along with trustworthy sources and easy pronunciation guides, these apps also feature vocab games for children. Made specifically for elementary to middle school students, many of these apps will help bolster their vocabulary as they enjoy word games. Without confusing them, these apps will broaden their basic horizons to new words on their reading level that they can begin incorporating into their writing. Since kids love playing on tablets and phones anyways, why not let them sharpen their vocabulary as they play?


Trying to incorporate new words into your writing and speeches can get you into more trouble than you realize. Instead of picking random synonyms, these apps allow you to use sources you can trust, teach you the proper pronunciations, and even help your kids bolster their vocabulary as well. We provide effective tips for improving your lifestyle. Please read more, and feedback us.