relationship with your loved ones

Advice on building a healthy relationship with your loved ones


As human beings, we love to connect with other people because it makes us happy and complete. Good communication and interaction is the key when it comes to a positive attitude towards our surrounding. But what does a healthy relationship look like, and can you avoid over-talking and no acting on the matter?

Nurturing social relationships improve our wellbeing because spending time with friends, colleagues or your partner builds positive emotions and improves your level of serotonin – the chemical that contributes to our happiness. Interactions with people can be verbal or non-verbal – we can even connect with each other over a smile or a glance.

A typical model of communication usually involves a sender, receiver and a message which is encoded by the sender and decoded from the receiver and makes a relationship. Feedback is also included – the response of the receiver to the message, as well as noises which can disrupt the communication. Encoding refers to the sender, transforming the thoughts into clear messages – both verbal and non-verbal. Although this type of relationship might seem simple in theory, a lot happens in between, and no message is ever decoded without a bias element. The way we interpret a message is never the objective reality. We all have our own filters and explanatory styles which create the picture of the world as we know it.

Knowing how to talk effectively about difficult issues is not something that happens in a matter of a second. Maintaining a healthy relationship takes more than just getting along with them. The process is something that evolves out of a shared history of the big, bad, and ugly truth while still maintaining that “we can do this” attitude. To get you on your way back to a more loving relationship, the vivant provides several ways to improve your communication skills, reflect and resolve your life difficulties.

Don’t postpone or put off difficult conversations

If there’s something on your mind that you want to bring out to the table, take the initiative to invite the other part into a conversation it will better sign of good relationship. Expecting your friend or partner to take the initiative or to read between the lines will only lead to resentment on your part. It will also lower the chances of getting the desired outcome of the situation.

Working on how to talk through difficult times is a task that belongs to both parties. However, when you start to embrace the responsibility you have with your contributions, you are unconsciously contributing to the power of your relationship. This way, it is very likely that at some point you will easily meet on the same page and smooth every possible misunderstanding.

Be honest about your expectations

Negative emotions like anger and grief may be too comforting especially if the other side perceives a hurtful agenda from the other. How you enter into a conversation makes all the difference in how you come out of it.

Do you expect a miracle to happen all of a sudden? Or do you expect to have an open, sincere dialogue that helps you know and ultimately love the other better? Is this an agreement on a compromise or a confrontation to get to the ugly truth? Spending time with your own expectations will help you to stay focused if the conversation goes off-topic or uncomfortable.

Spend face to face quality time

You gain the admiration and love feeling by listening to the others. If you try and continue to look and listen in the same attentive way you once did, you can sustain the respect and love experience in the long term. No matter how busy you are, take 1 hour each day to focus on each other. Go for a walk in the park, cook for each other or arrange a themed date, even when you stay at home. For example, if you enjoyed playing slots games occasionally, propose a game that has a traditional slot game vibe but with a modern twist, like collecting gems and fruits. Check these themed slots games and see why Jammin’ Jars is such a popular game among these types of slots.

It’s very important to recognise that there are ups and downs in every relationship. You won’t always be on the same page, and often one may be struggling with a problem that stresses them, such as work or health-related challenges. Every person works through problems in their own way. Remember- together, you are a team, and you can always work together to rekindle the respect, love and trust feelings.