Two pieces are never enough


What makes a man’s wardrobe boring? When it defaults to two pieces – tee-shirt and jeans – you’re wearing a uniform that doesn’t really say anything about your personality. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is famous for his incredibly boring style of dress, and often claims that he wears the same plain grey tee-shirt every day so he can focus more of his energy and decision-making on his work.

Personally, I think dressing like a 13-year-old boy is probably not a good fashion choice for someone at the head of a billion-dollar company, but that’s just me. He has inspired countless men to copy his fashion choice, or more appropriately lack of choice. Let’s face it, Mark Zuckerberg is a gazillionaire and he could walk around the office every day in his underwear and other men who are better dressed than he would still tremble before him and call him “Sir.” But others imitate his style at their own peril.

Sometimes all it takes is a third piece to really make a statement about who you are – and it’s not that hard. For me, I like the addition of my Tissot watch with black leather watchband, and a herringbone blazer makes all the difference.

Catherine Bachelier Smith, from CBS Lifestylist in San Diego, says some men look out of date – or just plain boring – “because they limit themselves to a top and a bottom; two pieces: shirts and slacks, or T-shirt and jeans. Nothing wrong with that if they fit amazing and the cuts are interesting. But true interest comes with texture and layering. The third piece is what becomes your outfit’s pop; it’s intrigue; it’s perfect complement. The third piece or layer can be a vest, hat, blazer, jacket, open buttoned shirt, necklace, or bandana.”

Also hailing from San Diego is personal stylist Vanessa Valiente, who publishes the V-Style For Men fashion blog for men with some great advice on accessories: “The right ring, watch, or necklace can be extremely stylish,” says Vanessa. “Think a leather bracelet, a thin copper necklace with a sentimental pendant, or an unusual watch in a unique material or color. I like this ceramic watch by Rado, or this Fossil watch with a rugged leather strap and blue face. I also love putting a thin bandana around a fella’s neck a la the retro gentleman, or sweaty outdoors look.  Don’t be scared to shop women’s bandanas when seeking one out. I love this Rebecca Minkoff item for men.

Patrick Kenger runs a men’s image consulting firm called Pivot Image, says “Accessorizing might be the easiest way to upgrade your look. You can instantly inject some personality into a boring outfit. Lapel pins, a decent watch, colorful socks, or a metal cuff are easy ways to give more life to your outfits.”

Two pieces? I say, it’s never enough!