Tips for choosing a reliable metal roofing company

Tips for choosing a reliable metal roofing company


Hiring the right roofing company is important for a successful replacement, installation, or repair of a roof. Hiring the wrong roofing company will leave you with failure of a new roof. But do not be scared, the blog will help you understand tips on how to get a professional metal roofing company:

  1. Get social proof – referrals from those you can trust

As every metal roofing company will say they are the best, hence getting referrals from your family and friends is essential. A good reference gives you the chance to work with someone who is reputed and experienced. Chances are if your friend has had a good experience, you will also.

If no one around you knows a roofer, then you can go online to read their reviews and gather social proof of the jobs they have done.

Still if you are not satisfied, then you can ask the roofing company itself to submit portfolio pictures of their past jobs.

  1. Find out from Better Business Bureau

Apart from getting social proof, you can check their Better Business Bureau ratings to narrow down your options. Do not go for metal roofing companies with poor BBB ratings or do not have any rating at all. If any company isn’t listed on BBB, then it could be a scam.

  1. Hire an insured roofer

Before you appoint a roofing company, ensure that they are insured with sufficient liability insurance. Without right insurance, in case the roofing company fails to repair or install your roof in the right manner or if any of the staff members get injured while working on your roof, you will be held monetary responsible. Hence, make sure you ask for insurance proof when you meet a metal roofing company contractor.

  1. Don’t pay anything upfront

If you are in Edmonton, then there is a special license needed for any contractor asking for upfront money. This special license should be in their possession when making such a request. If they don’t have this license, then it is an unstable or fraudulent company. As a common rule, never give any payment in advance.

  1. Get the estimate in writing

Reputed roofing companies offer a written estimate which showcases the labour expenses, material costs, warranty details, cancellation policy and more. Cash below the table leaves no paper trail, and eventually no accountability and zero recourse for you.

  1. Price is essential but not completely

Things which should be your top priority are good reference, top quality workmanship, repute and experience, strong material, right paperwork and someone to communicate to. If these things are at top place, then you can pay a little bit extra too.


Hiring reliable, reputed, competent metal roofing company ensures that your job will be done perfect. After all, your roof plays a vital role in maintaining the structure of your house and protection of your family. In case, you have any query, then feel free to contact us on We will be happy to hear from you.