basement waterproofing company in Toronto

How to choose the best basement waterproofing company in Toronto?


One of the worst nightmares for a homeowner is the basement leakage. It sets anxiety in and you immediately all for help. Surely, you need a professional to come in and evaluate the condition. But, how do you know if the waterproofing contractor you are speaking to is well-equipped to render you the best services? Well, here are some points to keep in mind when choosing the best basement waterproofing company in Toronto.

Know about their experience in this field

The longer the company has been in the field, the more likely it is they have the ability and expertise to resolve all types of waterproofing issues. Be alert of contractors who don’t give you details of how long they have been in the business. If they resist in giving you their history, then possibly they may not have been in this field for long or may not possess the right experience in the field.

Are their workers insured?

Without right insurance, you may not be secure from liability, in case anything goes wrong at the workplace. Make sure the company you have chosen is completely bonded and insured and this way you and your property are secured at the time of any incident.

Can they resolve your issue?

A lot of problems can lead to moisture in your basement and in most of the cases, the real solution isn’t waterproofing. You may have to hire a plumber or get your leaky window replaced.

Trained experts will analyse the problem and troubleshoot and find out where the crack is. By properly evaluating the source of the problem, the contractor will offer a real solution.

Know all your options

Find out about the different options available to you when getting your basement waterproofed. Usually, external waterproofing is the most commonly used option. The advantage of external waterproofing is that is keeps your home’s foundation safe from water and makes the basement walls structurally sound. However, if external waterproofing is not an option, then you can go for internal waterproofing.

The advantages of internal waterproofing is that it gives you access from the inside if you have limited space on the outside. Make sure your contractor can differentiate between external and internal waterproofing. A good contractor will tell you what the best option for you is.

Ask for the best solution to your problem

An expert will give you an honest answer to your problem. The main aim is to keep your basement dry and home safe from moisture. If it means fixing the crack in your foundation and preventing your house from future leaks, then no matter what effort it takes, it should be done.

The aim is to give long term solution to you and not a temporary short term fix.

Ask for references

Before hiring a waterproofing contractor, make sure you ask for references. Also check on the website of the company if they have reviews from their past clients. is your one-stop solution to meet all your waterproofing needs. The company is a reputed and reliable place to get all your queries answered and problems resolved.