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Showcase your sincerity with your loved ones with beautiful gift boxes


Designing Gift Boxes for your loved ones can be an amusing activity if you know how to progress in the right way. Currently, there are many new potentials for what you can do with your cardboard packages. So, to offer the best gift to your loved ones, you have to opt for certain designs. Let us take a look at some significant designs for your perfect gift packages.


The Dice shaped box

This particular design is one of the most common designs for gift packaging. Many people are fascinated by the notion of the box that is shaped following the dice. These can be manufactured in two basic designs, all empty inside, or you can divide the box further into specific partitions to make full use of the space inside. You can design a tremendous-looking foldable gift package at home, and to beautify it further, you can add colors to it. This particular design is one of the modest options for you if you are looking to make these Custom Gift Boxes at your home.


Origami Styled boxes

If you are impressed by the dice shaped box idea that is mentioned above, then this will surely impress you even more! These are known as the Origami style boxes. These are inspired by the Japanese art of creating beautiful origami through a single construction of the paper. These special packages are not easy to manufacture on your own. But if you want to impress your loved ones with this unique idea of a gift, then you can opt for this particular option. There are several manufacturers of gift packaging in the USA who specialize in creating these packages. They even provide you with an instruction manual for your convenience.


Toilet paper roll boxes

Everybody has toilet paper rolls in their houses, right? It is guaranteed that about 90 percent of the people never thought about utilizing them as packaging for gifts. Well, then you are going to be the tone of those remaining 10 percent who are going to make a gift package out of it. All you need is a couple of scissors, some attractive paints, some wrapping paper, and tons of ideas. These can be molded into one of the most attractive and unique gift packages. Plus the best part is that they do not cost a lot too! So get your mind working and craft these rolls into the perfect packages to carry your precious gifts.


Wedding cake shaped box

Weddings are an exciting event. And as the custom is that all of you have to gift the bride and the groom too, so if you want your gift to stand out from the rest of all the presents then you have to do something special! This particular idea of a wedding cake shaped box is the best you can do with your creative mind. It will look attractive and will catch the attention of every person in the room.

These boxes are complex to manufacture but are very easy to operate. These are just like any ordinary cardboard box, but they are manufactured in the shape of a wedding cake. It has layers just like a cake would have. So you can fill these layers with different categories of gist for the bride and the groom. You also have the option to decorate these boxes on the outside using special ribbons and ornaments that will add more value to the box itself.

Layered Cardboard box

If you are going to make these Custom Gift Boxes all by yourself, then you should go all the way in making such an attractive packaging that the receiver feels special even while holding the package. This layered cardboard gift idea is the best one out there, and there is a high chance that your receiver would keep it with them for the rest of their lives. This particular box features have specific layers for different kinds of gifts and ornaments that can be placed on their respective layers. 

The layers in the box are like a staircase. Just like any other gift packaging, these can also be decorated from the outside to further add some glamor to the box. However, if you are still not satisfied and want to do even more, then you can opt for a die-cut option in the box, which features a transparent window so that the customer can see what they are going to get in advance.


Flower Inspired Box

These are the most elegant looking gift packaging you can make at home. Dices and pyramids are not the only shapes that are known for packaging a beautiful gift. These are fairly elegant too. Once again, these are not hard to manufacture, all you need is a pencil and a hard cardboard sheet to draw some flowers on the sheet and then cut it with a pair of scissors cleanly. Then you have to craft the base for this design, and all that is left is painting and then decorating it according to the situation. You can even opt for wrapping the box with a floral patterned paper to make it more dazzling to the eyes of the receiver. 



As you know that presenting a gift to someone can certainly make their day. But to do that in the best possible manner, you have to pay extraordinary attention to the Gift BoxesThese can augment the look of your gift and will, for certain, create a memory that will last a lifespan. With the help of the aforementioned designs, you can do this too! So, go ahead and start packing.

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