Saying goodbye to the Tanners: “Fuller House” final episodes premieres on Netflix June 2


What’s next for actor Michael Campion?

Fuller House, the hit spinoff from the original Full House, launched the fifth season in December of last year. The second half of season five, the last of the series, will premiere on June 2. The entertaining series focused on a storyline of the lives of three women who had appeared in the original Full House.

Fuller House Season 4. Photo courtesy of Warner Brothers / Netflix (with cast members: Scott Weinger & John Brotherton)

We can’t wait to see the last of the adventures of Stephanie Tanner (Jodie Sweetin), DJ Tanner-Fuller (Candace Cameron Bure), and Kimmy Gibler (Andrea Barber), as they orchestrate a triple wedding.

Michael Campion, who plays Jackson Fuller, D.J.’s oldest son and older brother to Max and Tommy. Occasionally referring to himself on the show as “Action Jackson,” his character has been a big hit on the show, especially with the younger crowd as they follow his adventures and his love life.

Fortunately the series was ready to go before the pandemic shut down production all over Hollywood, but once we can all leave our homes again this young actor is really going places. We asked Michael what he’s been doing during his downtime, and he told us “I have been doing a lot while staying at home.  Outside of acting, I am a magician and I perform at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles so during my down time I have been learning a lot of new tricks.  Outside of that, I play chess, take acting classes, cook, read and continue on-line school.  I do a lot of things to keep me busy.”

What’s next for Michael Campion? We can expect great things in the very near future, and he says “After things get back to normal, I hope to book another role, preferably in a dramatic feature film.  I’d say that’s where my acting really shines.  Until then, I will be performing at the Magic Castle when possible and finishing school.”