Rekindling the Fire of Love: 10 Ways You Can Make Your Boyfriend Pay More Attention to You


A good relationship can be a tough thing to maintain. Making matters worse, if you are committed to a relationship, but he seems a little less than enthusiastic about making it work, it can be very frustrating. If you have resolved that you will do everything you can to making it work, you have found the right article. You won’t find anything cheesy here, just practical advice.

What follows here are ten ways to make your boyfriend pay more attention to you. These suggestions range from sending a sweet text to boyfriend to getting yourself into better shape. Most importantly, if a relationship was meant to be, implementing one or more of these suggestions will get the response you are looking for.

  1. Figure out the problem.

    As simple as this might seem, most experts agree that this is perhaps the most difficult because it most often centres on getting into someone else’s mind. This can be very difficult, especially when he isn’t ready or willing to talk Boyfriend. The good news in this is that there might be more to it that you can understand, which will take some personal assessments. There might be a chance that it could be nothing to do with you, such as being under stress. Or perhaps he is ill or just very busy. Don’t automatically assume that it’s something you did that caused him to pull away.

  2. Don’t panic.

    Whatever you decide to do, the first thing you should not do is panic. Stay calm. Relax. If you want to broach the subject, you might want to start by sending him a sweet text to reassure him of your feelings. Whether he responds or not is irrelevant at this stage. Take a few deep breaths and relax.

  3. Take a chance.

    Take charge. Whether you get a response to your text or not, take a chance and approach him. It might be true that women like a chivalrous man, but it is the 21st century, after all. Why not break the ice, or whatever else might be holding you apart, and ask him out on a date? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something simple. Offer to pick him up at his house and, whatever you do, make sure you promise his folks that you will have him back before his curfew. That’s always a nice touch, even if he doesn’t have one.

  4. Do something special about yourself.

    We’re not talking about being outrageous, but just something a little extra. There’s nothing wrong with blue jeans and t-shirts, but every guy likes to know that a girl has done something to make him feel special. On your date, why not pull out all the stops with a special dress, a new hairstyle, and nice shoes?

  5. Stop with the silly, mushy names.

    Every guy likes a girl to be sweet to him, but when it comes to mushy names, can it for a while, especially when you are not sure where you stand with him. Silly mushy names might be just a little more than he can handle, at least for right now.

  6. Be supportive and stroke his ego.

    Stop at least for a while with all the love stuff. Instead, at least for a while, try being his best friend. This involves supporting him in something that might be troubling him. Just like you love it when you can lean on him, the chances are good that he would like to lean on you from time to time. If he has a problem and doesn’t know what to do, offer suggestions for a resolution. If he is feeling down, offer some compliments to bring him back up again. If something you say ends up being a solution to something that is bothering him, there’s a good chance that he will be anxious to talk to you again.

  7. Focus on yourself.

    This might seem like the ultimate paradox, but it’s true. Guys like girls who have focus, whether on school, work, sports, or practically anything else. Show an interest in something besides him, which will probably get his attention as well. Besides, everybody knows that the ultimate gift you can give someone else is to become a better you.

  8. Learn to say no.

    Girls don’t like pushovers, and neither do guys. It would help if you weren’t averse to putting your foot down to something from time to time. This goes for your professional as well as personal life. This makes him want you more, but his love and respect for you will grow exponentially.

  9. Be caring, but not needy.

    If there’s one thing about being in love that isn’t shared with any other emotion, it’s when sharing is the object of the relationship. Without sharing, there’s no reason to love. Things can get frustrating, however, when sharing becomes overdependence. If you find yourself becoming too dependent on him or him on you, take a time out and bring back a fresh twist. This will show him that you are an independent person, and you have things you can do and enjoy on your own.

  10. Be stellar in bed.

    Many experts advise unmarried couples to stay out of bed until marriage. This comes under the banner of what he can’t have will attract him, but if you and your boyfriend have already taken the bedroom plunge, you might want to make the event extra special by learning to be better in bed. Ask your friends for some pointers, read a good book about improving your sex life, or use your imagination. Wherever you get, the information doesn’t matter. Just try to spice things up.

Making him pay more attention to you is all about making him realize that you are passionate about him and have a fire in your heart and a plan in your head. Always be open and willing to talk with Boyfriend, but above all else, be yourself, always.

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