6 Tips for Staying Comfy and Stylish While Staying Home


So many of us were used to the daily routine of getting out of bed at a specific time, putting on our makeup, getting dressed in business attire for the office, and heading out for an eight-hour day at the office full of meetings and some social time. Now, our offices have become our dining room, living room, and dens. For many of us, this change is a dream come true, while others struggle to find the motivation they need to get the job done while at home. Scientific studies have been conducted that suggest dressing for a role helps one get into the mind-set needed to fulfill the part. So how can you stay comfortable while still looking like a working professional at home?

Prepare For Those Video Calls

When you’re working from home, scheduled work meetings and surprise video calls can and do happen, so you’ll need to be prepared. Luckily, those video calls happen from the waist up. Your boss and colleagues will only be judging your appearance based on what top, jewelry, and hairstyle you’ll be rockin’. If your old in-office dress code was business professional, it has likely changed to work-from-home business casual, but you may want to double-check with your team to confirm. Business casual is more relaxed but still gives off the professional vibe.

Think dressy shirts with nice trim, but not as stuffy as button-down blouses and not so relaxed as tees. Add some modest jewelry that says you’re ready to attend a small gathering, if needed. Your hairstyle doesn’t have to be fancy, but just make sure you’re not looking like you just got out of bed and haven’t taken a shower yet today.

Rock Loose-Fitting Bottoms

So your colleagues aren’t going to see your bottoms, but that doesn’t mean PJs and sweatpants are the best choice either. Loose-fitting bottoms can include flowy skirts, complete dresses, and pants that have a bit of flare to them. You may also have stretchy work pants that are oh-so-comfy when sitting down all day. All of these items can be considered comfy business casual attire that doesn’t make you feel like “you’ve given up”. And since this work-from-home time came as the weather was warming up, you can extend your loose-fit all the way to your feet. Choose some cute sandals or open-toe shoes that let your feet breathe, but look nice enough to wear to a family gathering or luncheon with friends.

Let Your Top Do All the Talking

While you don’t want to look like a mix-n-match doll that’s ready for the beach on the bottom and a formal event on top, you can still put the main focus up high. An easy way to do this in a pinch is with a cover-up, shall, or cardigan. A basic neutral-colored dress or top can quickly be transformed into something fancier with a semi-formal cardigan in a matter of seconds. Layering your top gives you more options within your wardrobe and makes it seem like you put more thought into your outfit. If your office was chilly before, you’re likely used to dressing in layers anyway. It will help you get back into the office-driven mindset.

Accessorize Like a Minimalist

If you typically attended special events with your company, like a conference or an important business meeting, you likely accessorized with simple necklaces, rings, and even a watch. You probably also carried a briefcase, organizer, or leather laptop bag. But for working from home, you can relax some. Tone down the jewelry with delicate pieces you’d wear when meeting with friends. Maybe even replace jewelry with a simple scarf. Instead of carrying an organizer, just make sure you have a notepad and pen handy for meetings.

Living Room-Ready, Everyday Makeup

When you’re not trying to impress a new business client or outshine co-workers, there’s not much point to going crazy with eyeshadow and lipstick. Though, you don’t want to negate the makeup completely, either. You still want to get rid of that shine with some foundation and powder, and some mascara will always highlight your eyes. You could also throw in some easy eyeliner and some cherry lip balm to keep your lips moisturized and a little tinted, too. Your at-home video calls and meetings won’t be in HD quality, so don’t worry too much about continuing with your typical makeup routine. In fact, your pores and skin might thank you for going with a work from home look.

Embrace Updos

In these warm weather days, choosing a hairdo that gets your hair off of your neck can be so comfortable. Especially if you’re trying to save on electricity costs at home and opting for open windows instead of air conditioning. Business casual hairstyles can absolutely include buns, braids, and even ponytails, as long as your jewelry, make-up, and top are also looking business casual. Just make sure you don’t look like you just got back from a jog or a workout at the gym.

Business casual is the best attire for staying comfy while you’re working from home. Soak up these dress code perks while you can, because those work-from-home days might not last much longer. We are all dying for some extra social time with colleagues, but for now, we’ll just have to settle with video calls every so often.