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Predict your career path through online horoscope reading


Over the years, people have been asking their astrologers about their careers. Nowadays, a lot of people are worried about their work, profession, and future. Individuals are working hard for a long time, and that is why they always want to opt for the best career path they can manage to get. No one wants to miss an opportunity to become successful and make a name for themselves. When we are satisfied and content with our career, there are fewer things to worry about in the world.

Good work and profession guarantee a reliable source of income, financial stability, and the ability to fulfill your material needs. The idea of career prediction by date of birth in Indian astrology is followed for a very long time. Now you can get detailed information about career horoscope online. In today’s blog, we will discuss how you can predict your career path with it and the benefits.

Why Do We Believe In This Concept?

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned that Indians have followed the practice of checking out their right profession from their horoscope or Kundli. But why is it so? According to ancient astrology, a person must take the influence of the Sun, moon, and the stars in their life. So, this means that a person’s career can be observed and understood in detail if studies are made according to the different aspects of their horoscope. Hence, we can bring up a direct relation between career prediction and astrology. Vedic astrology has played a significant role in deciding an appropriate career path for many people over the years.

The overall calculations and analysis of career predictions using Vedic astrology are based on the study of the 9 Planets and the 12 zodiac signs. They represent a person’s career traits. Also, the 10th house in a Kundli signifies in deciding the preferred career option for a person. The moon sign and the 10th house’s position must fall together for a chance of a better success rate. A very critical factor to be taken into consideration is the group of most influential or exalted Planets on the person’s horoscope. In the field of job astrology, all these must be considered.

Factors You Have To Consider

Before you move ahead with your free career astrology report, it is imperative to understand the influence of many aspects over your Kundli. All of them have been mentioned below, so take a look at what needs to be considered – 

  • The strength of Lord in the 10th house
  • The placement of Lord of the 10th house
  • The position of the Lord of both the 3rd and 5th house
  • The placement of the Sun in your Kundli
  • The placement of Moon in your Kundli
  • The overall influence of the planets on the 10th house of your Kundli
  • The dignity of the planets in the Navamsha Chart
  • Your personal Aatmakaraka Planet
  • The different aspects of the ruling Mahadasha and Antardasha planets
  • Overall effects of the transiting planets

So, these are all the points that need to be considered by any astrology specialist to offer career astrology by date of birth free

Top Careers According To Your Zodiac Sign

Here is a list of all the preferable career options that you can consider, depending on your horoscope and astrological traits.


They are strong-willed, vibrant, enthusiastic, and very active about what they are doing. The profession of an entrepreneur, soldier, rescue worker, different fields of government and politics, television, and recreation are best-suited options for an Aries.


People belonging to this horoscope love beautiful and stable things. They usually love to work with flowers, food, jewelry, or even luxury items. Taurus is known for it’s clear and strong voices with hard work. The career of an accountant, educator, engineer, lawyer, designer, landscaper, and the chef is best suited for them.


Optimistic and absolutely filled with energy, a Gemini is always curious and versatile beyond one’s imagination. The field of Journalism, mass media, accountants, technical support, translator, writers, or even machine operators are best-suited careers for any Gemini.


Governed by the Moon, Cancer is always dramatic, imaginative, protective, and very much responsible for their work. They can choose to be top-level gardeners, social workers, childcare, human resources, lawyer, teacher, CEO, soldier, or even historian.


Any person with a Leo horoscope, loves to take up jobs that bring them status and power. They are charismatic, independent and fearless of what they do. The career option of CEO, tour guide, real estate agent, interior decorator, fashion designer, salesperson, Government Job, and politics are some of the best options for Leo.


Perfectionists by nature, Virgos are very hard working, helpful, meticulous, and organized in the real sense. They can be an editor/writer, teacher, critic, technician, translator, detective, a statistician. Computing experts, accountants, or even work in the field of the media industry.


The zodiac sign of balance, Libras are diplomatic, good looking, friendly, charismatic. They can blend really well with the people. A Libra can choose to be a Judge, diplomat, dancer, salesperson, TV host, negotiator, travel agent, supervisor, artist, fashion, stock market broker.


Scorpios are analytical, hard-working, resourceful, and offer full focus and control while working. Their preferred jobs can be in the field of detective, lawyer, educator, scientist, surgeon, and physicists.


They are always seeking out for adventure and brand new experiences. Their most important traits are being ethical, spiritual, and wonderful decision-makers. The best career opinions they can choose from include – Law, banking and finance, entrepreneur, or athletes.


Hungry for power and ambition, a Capricorn will do well in the role of Manager, administrator, editor, banker, IT, and anything related to science and research. 


Their humanitarian nature sets them apart from others in the long run. They tend to be known visionaries. Counselors, consultants, top-level philosophers, astrologers, engineering, or even computing experts.


People of this zodiac are imaginative, creative, and naturally compassionate. They can be successful artists, nurses, physical therapists, philanthropists, veterinarians, or psychologists.

These are the best career options that a person can choose based on their respective zodiac signs. If you have this question of “how to know my future career“, in mind, then we recommend you visit a reputed astrologer and learn more about your traits and career.