Jupiter Transit in 2020 – How will affect your zodiac sign


The role of Jupiter is to expand, magnify and grow but it also distorts . Think of the house of mirrors—in some we are tall, or have big heads, pin heads etc. The illusion of what we perceive. Jupiter has a tendency to blow things out of proportion.

According to Yearly-Horoscope.org, Jupiter is one of the two social planets and has a twelve year cycle. So every twelve years it works its way through the same sign and for us all individually through the same house—i.e. the area of life—expanding and magnifying our experience of that facet of our lives.


During the time Jupiter is in Pisces, refer to timelines, it may feel that a guardian angel watching over you, what could be more perfect? Stay focused on that silver lining, because no matter what the year brings, there is always a positive outcome. Now is the time to get re-acquainted with your own inner workings, pay attention to your dreams, learn meditation or simply escape to a quiet place to contemplate life. Attempts to force an outcome aren’t favoured, learn to trust, but also stop postponing the inevitable. Plant a seed for something that will grow with the years, be it a tree, a savings bond, baby or an educational degree. Try your hand at something new and unfamiliar.

June 5 to September 8 and part of 2020, Jupiter will be in your sign, and growth of whatever you have seeded is guaranteed. The role of Jupiter is to expand; it is up to you to germinate something that you wish to expand. This summer and next spring you are more likely to have surprising, ‘out of the blue’ opportunities, are you ready to seize them? Luck happens when opportunity meets with preparedness. While Jupiter is in your sign, refer to dates, pay more attention to your food consumption (less might be better) and plan clothes, car, etc. shopping with a budget in mind—you might just want more than your real budget allows.


Great expectations! Some of the more realistic ones are likely to be realized this year. While Jupiter is in Pisces (see dates above) is a great time for making new friends, establishing connections and learning about social issues. Rediscover your ambitions, aspirations and dreams for the future. While trying to move toward future and new goals, view new vistas—the past and its comfortable, familiar ways provide such an easy out. Stay true to yourself; follow the path that takes you where you have wanted to arrive for years. Attempts to pursue aspirations you never knew you had aren’t productive. Instead sow the seeds for harvesting in two years.

While Jupiter is in Aries this summer (check those dates) and part of next year provides time for contemplation and letting go of goals that serve little purpose for you and fail feed your soul. It is a time to pay attention to your dreams, daydreams and what you would love to have in your life. Then ponder why you are not pursuing those and what self-made obstacles you have chosen to prevent reaching for the stars. Beginning in June 2020, Jupiter of expansion is in your sign; the time to grow your dreams and aspirations.


Career, social standing and relations with authority figures are of prime importance while Jupiter is in Pisces (check those dates). If you’ve played your cards right now the reward and acclaim are yours. Don’t expect something for nothing this year. You’ll be rewarded for the effort you have put in. Negativity is also a ‘returnable’ item. This year it’s easy to slip into old modes of behaviour and to stay with the old and comfortable. Midyear brings surprising old encounter, someone to offer help and advice when you most need it. It may also prove to be the year when long-standing personal relationships become formalized. With any investments, loans and tax matters make sure to dot the I’s and cross the T’s; and read the small print.

While Jupiter is in Aries this summer (check dates in lead on) the Universe affords you ample opportunity to work and realize your dreams, this summer plant those seeds. For the first half of 2020 take advantage of those new opportunities, network, talk it up and take chances with the ones you want to realize and prepared for. Luck happens when opportunity meets with preparation.


Grand plans for the future! While Jupiter is in Pisces you are in for a busy, eventful and remarkable time. Travel, education and dreams play a huge role. Don’t dismiss your hunches or premonitions, learn to have faith in your abilities and trust in a higher power. Taking care of your well-being may need to include visits to a chiropractor, a naturopath or simply testing the power of herbs to name but a few. An excellent year for pursuing higher learning, your mind is in high gear anyway, it’d be a shame to waste all that “brain-power”. What are your dreams telling you; maybe you should look into that. Sports and physical activity in general is favoured this year, at the very least take in nature hikes (or even picnics).

This summer, when Jupiter is in Aries (check dates in lead on) and the first half of 2020, career matters and your aspirations take centre stage. It is also about changes in your status, which might mean marriage, beginning a family and naturally also a promotion at work. So while Jupiter is in Pisces, you want to make plans and seed something you want to grow over the next dozen years.


Money, investments and joint resources are in for a boost. Take a rational, conservative approach rather than follow hunches and you’ll come out ahead. While Jupiter is in Pisces times is not a get rich period, although inheritance is more likely during this time than another. Joint resources can also mean that your spouse is earning more. The biggest event might be remodelling the bathroom; everything is relative to your situation. This is definitely a marriage year, or a welcome boost in boudoir activities. You can become a little obsessive over matters you find interesting, just avoid getting totally lost in them. (Check the dates)

This summer Jupiter gives you a preview of what smooth sailing could be like (Jupiter will be in Aries). Naturally Jupiter isn’t working alone, which means that there is always a catch. This is a great time for publishing your writing, finding ways to promote your business and relatives are likely to be more prominently in the picture. If you have always wanted to learn something new, why not take the time to investigate your options for short term courses. Travel might also be a strong possibility—think of at a distance. Early in 2020 might be ideal. The early part of 2020 is also excellent for positioning yourself for a new job, promotion, etc. These opportunities roll around at about 12 year intervals, we just need to prepare and plan in order to be ready to seize those opportunities.


Partnerships, business ventures and relationship matters in general are bigger and more important; and at times all encompassing while Jupiter is in Pisces (see dates above). Everyone has advice to offer, whether you asked for it or not. If you like meeting new people and exposure to new ideas (which Virgo doesn’t) now is the time. Be choosy when it comes to opportunities flowing your way, as you know a hunch or a feeling just isn’t a good enough reason to commit to a venture or undertaking. You need to do a thorough cost-profit analysis, right.

During the months when Jupiter is in Aries, the theme of investments, mortgages and commitment becomes a vital one. When exploring your options it is best to get advice so that you don’t chase ‘fool’s gold’. Our resources tend to grow with most ease during times when Jupiter holds court in our shared resources sector, as is the case for Virgo.


You’ll be working hard this year. The rewards may not be immediate, in particular if you allow yourself to feel like a martyr. Sometimes Jupiter teaches us lessons—this one in humility, if you have mastered that one—this is a great year of new opportunities. Health and vitality look great; don’t over-indulge when it comes to food. If you have become overly reclusive (so unlike you) in the past year, get involved in your community organizations by offering your services (your social calendar could over-flow). This is a great year for renovating your life-style, finding a healthy diet, etc. This is also a great time to gain new vocational skills.

Summer of 2020 and the early part of 2020, when Jupiter is in Aries (check dates above) brings new people into your life. Your social schedule is likely to fill up fast and your networking opportunities increase. Your significant relationship is also in for a bit of fun and expansion, taking things up a notch. It is about growth after all, and that is what life is all about—growing to our full potential.


Love and romance, creative endeavours and pleasant pastimes—just sing “I can overcome anything now”! This is your year to have fun and to enjoy life. Get totally immersed in pursuits that fuel your soul, and it’ll be a breeze to take care of your responsibilities. Children’s lives may be a big part of your life while Jupiter is in Pisces (check those dates), stay optimistic and focus on the future, don’t get caught in the “web of current dilemmas”. The written word flows readily—if you’ve always wanted to write— now is the time to take advantage of the inspiration. Communication channels, especially involving your feelings and emotions are wide open once again, resolve those issues. See dates

While Jupiter is in Aries, your workload is likely to increase exponentially. It may be harder to say no to new offers, because everything sounds so exciting. However, remember that it takes work to make something of an idea. Try to be choosy. If the urge to join the gym strikes, remember that this energy passes by rather quickly and this time in two lots—join for a year rather than a longer time.


Home, family and extended family become bigger than life. Your home may feel like the “grand central station with a revolving door”. Make it cosy and comfortable as you may want to spend so much more time there. While Jupiter is in Pisces (check those dates) you are the source of solace and comfort for so many. It’s a great year to learn to know yourself more intimately as well. You may even find yourself moving, as you crave for bigger and better, or simply lots of room to roam. A great project for the year would be to create a family album or tree, research your ancestry or re-connect with family members at large.

While Jupiter is in Aries your attention shifts to having some fun—baseball, cricket, golf, kickboxing, etc. anyone? Inspiration and ideas simply permeate the very air you breathe. The work must follow through the second half of next year and into 2021. Knowing that try to be choosier about which projects you want to grow in the future. Because of Jupiter’s association of begetting children, the Jupiter in Aries months, might be an indication of an increase in family or the very first baby.


Expand your horizons while Jupiter is in Pisces (see dates above). Discover your immediate neighbourhood; learn a new skill or two. You have a busy year ahead with a need to learn to communicate effectively. You have emotions, feelings, needs and desires, when did you talk about them last? Write, communicate, sing—work those vocal chords. Mid-year brings a great sense of accomplishment. Forget rigid schedules this year; learn to be more flexible and adaptable. It’s not what you are given but what you do with it that ultimately matters.

When Jupiter moves into Aries (twice, see dates above) family matters become important. You might be looking at changing your residence either for something bigger or more functional. Of course it could be all about your kids and their lives. Optimism is high during the time Jupiter spends in Aries—the bigger we dream the bigger we realize. Naturally in order to utilize those ideas we must put the work in. I expect Saturn in Libra is helpful, read about that in my Saturn column.


Pay attention to money matters, the tendency to over-extend is strong while Jupiter is in Pisces. When it comes to material things all needs and wants tend to become “have to have” or “I am worth it”. Time becomes a luxury as the year progresses and you may have to learn to say “no” once in a while (and mean it) . Prioritize after you have assessed what is important and valuable to you. You may also find yourself more sensitive and impressionable than usual.

While Jupiter is in Aries (check the dates above) this summer and the first half of 2020, your life gets hectic. Lots of new stimuli and activity—you might want to engage in local politics, volunteer at your kid’s school and you want to have your opinion heard. This is the ideal time to take short courses, learn something new—exercise that grey matter.


Jupiter is in your sign this year from January 17-June 5, 2020 and September 8, 2010-January 22, 2020. Optimism increases and life becomes exaggerated. Little things gain significance and the big ones become larger than life. It’s a good year once you become accustomed to this new perspective. Remember the story about the “Little Engine that could”… that describes the year for you. As long as you keep repeating, I think I can, you suddenly can! Make the most of this time, because it is what you make it! This is an ideal time to take the initiative, begin something that feels rewarding to you. It might be an ideal time to consider higher education, to pursue a diploma, degree and even publishing your writing. Pay attention to your diet, it is easier to indulge and help yourself to another piece of pie, another bar of chocolate—thus easy to pack on extra weight. Pay attention to your dreams, helpful advice is buried in them.

When Jupiter moves into Aries, it is all about money, the value of your time and of course, personal worth both figurative and literal. In order for others to appreciate us, we need to appreciate ourselves. In hindsight this is typically a time we bring in more money but seeing that we are human beings we also tend to spend more; chanting I am worth it, darn it. The fix is simple, learn to budget; it is not what we make but the part we don’t manage to spend.