Product photography

Need of Product photography for E-commerce platforms


E-Commerce platforms have given businesses a huge pool of customers for selling their merchandise and services but have also made the market highly competitive. Irrespective of the industry businesses are trying to come across ways and strategic approaches that will have a significant impact on the preferences and behavior of the potential buyer. Product photography is one of those tools that can effectively convince buyers into making an actual purchase. Studies have found that more than 90% of online consumers believe that quality photographs are an important element that influences their purchase decisions. Visual content plays a vital role in the online world for attracting customers and selling products. The seller uses high-resolution photography for showcasing products to the target audience


With time online buyers have started valuing high-quality photographs. Most of the consumer is looking for images that can bring the actual product to life. High-resolution photographs are a must-have element for the sustainability of an e-commerce website. The fresh generation of consumers always looks for better customer experience while browsing through an E-Commerce platform, which is why businesses are now focusing more on a presentation that will reflect the true essence of the brand. People are now looking for photographs that will picture products in their real-life backdrop, this allows them to connect with the product and consider it as part of their own life. Professional Product photography is like narrating a story about the product to the potential customer.  Consumers are also searching for big images through which they understand every detail of the product. Large HD images becoming more and more popular platforms not only look gold but also help in enhancing the shoppers experience generating more leads and sales


Boost user engagement and sales


E-Commerce platforms are trying to attract a large portion of offline shoppers to experience online shopping.


Beautifully framed high-resolution images are falling short of satisfying customer needs. Potential buyers are looking for top quality images before they make an actual purchase. It is observed that using large images for product listings increased sales by around 10%. High-resolution images have more value than product descriptions, information, and reviews. E-commerce websites have recorded higher click through on both product and category pages after the integration of larger images. It helps in enhancing the overall experience of the customer and eventually convinces them in purchasing a product.


Including 360 degree views


The new generation of customers is fond of interactive and stimulating shopping experiences. Traditional photos are not giving satisfactory results that lead to the introduction of 360-degree photos. It gave online shoppers to look around the product in detail and convince them in purchasing a product. 360-degree photos allow consumers to make a more informed purchase leading to fewer returns. Products listed with 360-degree views have also achieved 30% higher conversion rates than others.


Using high-quality images in the product listing


Product photography includes a wide assortment of ideas for shooting different varieties of products. It is the most dynamic type of commercial photography where the photographer can experiment with different ideas for creating an aesthetically pleasing photograph of products. Factors like lighting, background, framing, product category, target audience affect the framing decisions and aesthetics of product photography.


However online shoppers only look for the end product and hence it’s essential to use high-resolution photographs in product listings. Pictures that can bring the product to life generate higher leads and sales at the same time. Innovative framing ideas allowed the customer to connect well with the product before putting their money.


E-Commerce platforms struggling with their efforts of improving their product photography can consider hiring professional services for producing high-quality photographs, 360-degree views, and additional visual elements. Professional product photography services provide innovative solutions and tailor-made content to increase traffic on the website


Product videos and equally important


Product videos are an excellent way to attract potential customers and also give them an immersive shopping experience altogether. Social media marketing is largely driven by product videos as it attracts and engages more people to a product. E-Commerce platforms and online businesses have witnessed a significant rise in sales conversion rates after the implementation of product videos in their marketing campaigns. It is the most effective tool for achieving higher sales conversion rates and customer satisfaction. Online shoppers have said that around 80% of their purchase decisions are influenced after they watch a product video. Product videos are always preferred who were still images as they provide in-store experience to the buyers while shopping from the comfort of their homes.


Listing product with bright colors


Products like clothes and accessories often do not match the actual product listed on the website. It creates dissatisfaction among the customers and leads to product returns. E-Commerce platforms were looking for cost-effective measures to reduce the number of returns. Product photography helped businesses with ideas for the listing product with their actual colors. Changes in the framing and angle of a photograph for different colors help customers understand that every image is shot differently and is not merely a work of photo editing software. Using proper lighting kit, diffusers, bounce cards, and high-resolution cameras help in capturing the actual colors of a product.


Professional Product photography is not completely dependent upon capturing aesthetically appealing photographs, care has to be taken with the use of filters and exotic background so that the product can be showcased in its exact sense to the target audience. Many times it is seen that minimalism works best for listing a product on an online platform. If too many elements are incorporated into a frame it can distract the viewers from the actual subject. Similarly, websites are recommended to use a minimalist navigation function so that customers can easily browse through the collection of products. Having a realistic idea of what the target audience is looking for also, and help in showcasing a product portfolio, strategic approaches of professional product photography proved highly beneficial for businesses to help them create a brand identity of their own