Molekule Review – A Modern Air Purifier System That’s Worth the Hype


While looking for efficient air purifiers, a Molekule review or two is bound to pop up in your research. More often than not, these reviews highlight the brand’s modern approach towards air pollution solutions. At other times, they sing praises of the efficacy of its products. When it’s neither of these factors, it’s often about the ease of use of its high-end solutions.

In a nutshell, all of these recommendations tell you that Molekule is the right choice for an effective air purifier. But to have a detailed look on what Molekule is and what kind of products it offers, let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of the firm and its solutions.

Molekule Focuses on High-End Air Purifying Solutions

As a provider of next-generation air purifiers that use state of the art technology, Molekule aims to clean the air you breathe in an unconventional yet highly successful way. Due to its targeted approach, Molekule has become one of the most sought after providers in the air purification sector.

Ever since Molekule launched in 2014, it has unveiled many products that focus on solving the crucial problem of air pollution. The firm currently offers multiple flagship solutions that cater to rooms of various sizes, and makes high-end air purification accessible to everyone.

That is why, most versions of a Molekule review often outline the products’ design, their efficacy, and their ease of use as the highlights of their offering.

How Does Molekule Work?

Unlike any other air purifier, Molekule doesn’t only physically capture pollutants, but it also chemically destroys harmful particles. In order to achieve this feat, the firm uses its own proprietary technology called PECO, which is a different and more effective form of air purification as compared to conventional HEPA-certified products.

Molekule’s PECO technology is lab-tested under rigorous conditions for its performance. This filter is capable of getting rid of contaminants that are 1,000 times smaller than those that a HEPA filter is tested to capture. This research-backed elevated performance sets Molekule apart from many other air purifiers on the market.

What Kind of Products Does Molekule Have?

At the time of writing, Molekule offers two flagship products by the name of Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini. According to our Molekule review, both of these products remain equally effective at their use across different covered areas.

The Molekule Air stands at a 23” height and covers up to 600 square feet of area. Whereas, the Molekule Air Mini is 12” tall and covers up to 250 square feet of area. Both devices sport a modern and sleek cylindrical design, which makes them look more like a futuristic home accessory than a clunky traditional purifier.

The devices come with replaceable air filters, which are easily available at the Molekule online store. The process to replace the air filters also remains very simple, which adds brownie points to an already advantageous solution.

Ease of Use to Stands Out

The Molekule air purifiers are designed with accessibility in mind. That’s why, both the Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini come with easy to use controls that are also accessible through mobile devices.

The firm offers these mobile connectivity features through its iOS and Android apps. You can simply download these apps to your phone in order to use your Molekule purifier right from your couch or your bed.

Molekule air purifiers come with the firm’s “Whisper Quiet” technology, which allows these devices to operate with minimal noise. This means that whether you are having a lively party or enjoying a peaceful slumber, your Molekule device will not interfere in your lifestyle activities.

At the time of writing, Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini come with bundle discounts. If you are in need of high-end air purification solutions, checking out these deals is the way to go.