Hair Removal

Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps You Save Money And Time With Laser Hair Removal


The Texan plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been working from her offices at Skintology MedSpa to create a facility where procedures including Laser hair removal can be enjoyed by her patients. Dr. Walden is one of the leading cosmetic surgeons with a history of working in New York and her home state where she has been helping her patients achieve their dreams.

1. Prepare yourself for the process

The first step to take when preparing to get yourself ready for Laser hair removal is to prepare your body for the treatment to take place. Dr. Walden and other surgeons believe the best way to do this is to use a trimmer or to shave the area to be treated to reduce the risk of an interaction between the Laser and the hair. The use of a trimmer or razor will limit the burning hair smell many patients are upset by when they complete the treatment.

2. A fast process for speedy hair removal

How long do you spend each day shaving or waxing to avoid the unsightly nature of stubble appearing on your skin? Laser technology can limit the amount of time you spend in the shower in the future by making sure you complete the process of hair removal in a timely manner. The long-term effects of Laser removal techniques have been shown to last a lifetime with each session lasting around 20 minutes depending on the needs of the patient. The effects are visible instantly with the process taking a few weeks and multiple treatments to work effectively because the hair follicle needs to be in the growth phase for the laser treatment to be effective.

3. Less skin irritation

When you are looking forward to hair removal using Laser technology you will usually find yourself looking forward to hair-free skin and less irritation from shaving or waxing. However, you may not have imagined how you can reduce the problems you face with skin irritation and damage because of the way the process works. By using the Laser to send light through the shaft of each hair through the pigment the heat delivered destroys the root of the hair. In many cases, this means you will not see hair growth in that area once the treatment is complete meaning you will no longer suffer the pain of ingrowing hairs.

4. Watch your hair growth reduce slowly

The use of a Laser to remove hair is one that allows you to instantly see the difference between how your hair is growing on a regular basis. For most individuals, this means you will see less hair after your first treatment and reduce the amount of hair you see each time you attend the Skintology MedSpa for another treatment.

5. Save time and money

This may seem like a trivial reason for you to start the process of laser hair removal but you will no longer need to spend your hard-earned money buying razor blades, handles, or pay for waxing. Not only is it easy for you to save money on shaving equipment and accessories, but you will also be shocked at the time Dr. Walden saves you each day when you no longer have to shave or wax each day to leave your skin looking and feeling as smooth as possible.

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