Modern tech items with vintage looks has cool, retro feel


The stylistic marriage of vintage looks and modern technology has become a staple in just about everything. It’s a hipster’s dream!

Here are a few different modern-tech gadgets and doo-dads with retro looks or feel:

Retro keyboards. These throwback keyboards have the look of the old-school, non-electric typewriters with all of the same keys on today’s keyboards. Although this is not a widespread trend, it has become pretty popular these days.

A 1940s-style radio. It gets AM/FM stations and streams music for you. It amps up the cool factor of any room at home or at the office.

Siphon light bulb. For those who can see the light about why incandescent light bulbs were phased out (because more energy-efficient options came down the pike). The Siphon bulb uses LED technology to develop an LED filament which looks a lot like the wire-wound filament in the old-school incandescent bulbs. The color and temperature of the Siphon bulb is also similar to the incandescent bulbs. The lighting contributes to a cool vibe and overall ambiance of a room.

Classic TV Sets. Numerous companies make televisions with looks from yesteryear. For example, LG Classic TV has taken on the appearance of a 1970s television, with its wood-paneled front, tuning knobs and buttons. Fret not; it also comes with a remote control tuning, channel-changing, volume control, etc. And, of course, the LG Classic is outfitted with modern tech such as a 1080p IPS display, and lots of peripheral ports to connect with electronic devices.

Going retro in modern-day devices has a quirky but cool, hip factor to it. Treat yourself to all of the trapping of our technologically advance world while paying homage to classic styles.

In their own way, these retro items are little pieces of luxury to enjoy anytime.