Living it up while sailing away … in style


Whether you’re planning a party or plotting a weekend getaway with family or friends, consider renting a yacht to make it extra-memorable and luxurious.

Nothing says class and luxury like a yacht! Most of the charters will accommodate 12-13 guests. For a larger guest list, you’ll need a bigger vessel; find a yacht charter which specializes in hosting big events. Those yachts probably offer catering services and entertainment, and are likely to have the proper refrigeration and kitchen necessities for preparing and serving appetizers, dinners and cocktails. Hire a captain to sail the vessel for you, even if you know how to do it. You’ll be too busy mingling and having a great time!

As decadent — yet delightful — as it sounds, renting a yacht may not cost much more than renting a land-based site, such as a hotel, for a large party.

For smaller get-togethers, like weekend getaways for a group of close friends, a yacht with a pool, ample room for sunbathing, and lots of fun water-sport toys offer that mix of relaxation and recreation. You may choose to have all of your meals on-board or picnic at a nearby sandbar. You can sight-see from the yacht or kickback on a deck chair and watch the day turn into night, and then enjoy the twinkle of the stars overhead.

Unless you know how to sail a yacht, you can hire a captain. Of course, there are all-inclusive yacht charters, which can include a crew consisting of a professional captain, a gourmet chef, stewards and other staffers who will work to make your yacht experience the very best it can be.

If you are having a small get-together with friends for a few hours of frolicking on the water, maybe renting a catamaran is more your style.

Check it out and see if fun and entertainment on the water is right for you. Chartered yachts and catamarans are a treat – but they’re not just for the elite!