Do My Kids Still Need Sunscreen During The Pandemic


Summer may look different this year, but one thing that doesn’t change is UV rays. Usually, we’re slathering on some sunscreen before we head to the pool, the beach or to a baseball game. But none of that is happening this year.

Many vacations have been canceled. Sports are almost non-existent. You may be able to hang out by the pool if you can social distance, but many pools didn’t even open for the season.

So, the question remains: since summer is here, do kids still need sunscreen?

Indoor Play

For most of us, the amount of time we’re spending inside has nearly doubled. Streaming has become our new best friend (although the fourteenth re-run of Frozen 2 may change that view), and we’ve basically abandoned the idea of having any kind of normal summer.

So instead of hanging out by the pool, our kids are doing a lot of indoor play. So, they don’t need sunscreen, right? Well, yes and no. It depends on where exactly they’ll be while they’re inside.

The Location of Play

If your cabin-fevered tots are building forts in the living room in front of a big, open window, you may still want to consider applying daily sunscreen to them. The window won’t keep out all UV radiation, and it’s still possible to get overexposed if the light is bright!

So if you plan on throwing open the blinds or the curtains to let some of the outdoors in during these shuttering times, treat that UV light through the window just like you would the sunshine outside and slather on some sunscreen.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play isn’t exclusively out of the question! Many of us are turning to the outdoors to social distance and provide some relief to the monotony of staying inside. While you may want to rethink playdates with children outside your home, it’s possible to take your kids on outings like hikes and camping trips to kill that cabin fever. Just be sure to follow CDC guidelines: social distance and, when needed, wear a mask.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and to reapply! All sunscreens need to be reapplied at least every two hours and after swimming or sweating to dry skin. Also, check the water resistance on your sunscreen to see how long you can be in the water before you need to get out and reapply.

This time is difficult for all of us. Some parents are pulling their hair out, trying to keep their children safe, and keeping children indoors is not an easy task!

Remember that even when we’re indoors, sun exposure can still be damaging to the skin, and working sunscreen into your daily routine—just like brushing teeth and washing hands—can go a long way towards keeping your children safe from UV rays.

When you build something into a habit, you don’t have to worry about forgetting, because you’ll do it without thinking!

If you’re ready to start a healthy sunscreen habit with your kids, check out this list of our bestsellers and leave a comment below if you have any questions!