Buying an Old vs. New Home in Rockland, Ottawa

Buying an Old vs. New Home in Rockland, Ottawa


When you are searching for a home around Ontario, places like Rockland and Ottawa are going to stand out. There are many properties for sale, so you have a wonderful array of new and old builds to choose from. Whether you decide on the charm of an older home or opt for the convenience of a new build, it ultimately comes down to your preferences. That said, there are some things that you truly have to think about.


The Appeal of an Old Home

If you are seeking an old home in Ottawa or Rockland, you probably hope to find a balance between character and stability. Older homes usually have weathered a good deal of weather without any trouble, making them extremely reliable. The most appealing feature to older construction is the amount of space. Rooms are usually more spacious, so you never need to worry about your furniture not fitting.


Many elements of old homes, such as period specific architecture, have been lost with more modern designs. If you are looking for a certain feature, such as book nooks or bay windows or woodwork, you are more likely to find such things in an older home than a brand new one, unless you have your own house constructed.


Pros of Old Build Houses

Here are some advantages to purchasing an old house:


  • Thick walls: Modern construction is noisier, because the walls are thinner and made from plasterboard. Many older homes use brick or stone between walls, making them thicker and more soundproof.
  • Longer driveways: Old properties often have parking space, garages, and longer driveways to accommodate your vehicles. Modern construction usually has less space for automobiles or only offer on-street parking.
  • Large rooms: As mentioned earlier, older construction prioritized space, so you get more room for the same price as a modern unit.
  • Bigger outdoor space: In a time when developments were not as popular and people often had multiple vehicles, yards were larger and had more open land.


Cons of Old Build Houses

Here are some disadvantages of buying an older home in Ottawa or Rockland:


  • Tired appliances: One of the negatives to an older home is worn out and outdated appliances. You may find that many of the fixtures will need to be replaced after moving into your new home.
  • Renovations: Moving into an older construction means finding spaces that need to be refurbished, such as the kitchens and bathrooms. Windows may have dry rotted and will need to be replaced, and the plumbing may need some work done before your house can function. If you buy a historical home, you should also factor in the cost of restoring its appearance.
  • Costly maintenance: Since older buildings are often fashioned with components that are not easily available in modern times, maintenance may take more labor, time, and parts than a newer home.
  • Old heating and cooling systems: Old properties are notorious for outdated HVAC systems that leak heat, making your old home less energy efficient.


Getting a New Home

Nothing feels better than purchasing a brand new property and getting pristine appliances and fixtures. That is one of the best reasons to get a new home—you are the first one there. It is a satisfying feeling to know that you are getting everything fresh, so all of the appliances have their warranties.


Even if you are not the first owner of a newer property, you still get peace of mind knowing that most of the features have been barely used. There is little wear and tear to worry about. You also know that all modern materials and technologies were used in the construction of the home. Plus, most new homes feel like a blank canvas that you can decorate as your heart desires.


Pros of a New Home

The best reasons to purchase a new property include:


  • Energy efficiency: The largest benefit of new homes in Rockland and Ottawa is that you are getting fresh insulation, modern roofing materials, and energy efficient appliances. You can stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer at less of a cost than in an older home.
  • Personalization: As a home buyer, you probably have an idea about what you want your home to look like. With a new home, you can choose the wall colors, carpeting, and more. Even if you are purchasing a new but previously owned home, it will cost less than an older property to renovate and remodel.
  • Warranties: Having a new home means having new roofing and fixtures, all of which come with warranties. Purchasing a new construction also comes with warranties that, if something happens, guarantees the developer is going fix whatever problems you have. That reduces the amount of stress that comes from moving into a home.
  • No property chain: If no one was in the home before you, you’re in luck! Since you do not need to wait for someone to move out, there are less hurdles for you to move through before calling the house your home.


Cons of a New Home

Some of the downsides of purchasing a new home are:


  • No character: The downside of new homes in Ottawa and Rockland is the uniformity of the design and features. Older homes are much more unique, while modern homes conform to development standards. Sometimes, you may have difficulties getting a developer to agree to making individual changes in design, too.
  • Thin walls and less insulation: Walls in modern homes are thin and light, which transmits noise. Whether you are purchasing a single family home or one in a multifamily complex, modern homes are bound to be noisier.
  • Expensive outright: Despite saving you some utility costs in the long run, you are paying a premium for a brand new property. Older homes have an initial price tag that is easier on the budget.
  • Delays: If you are purchasing a new home that still needs to be constructed, you could run into delays that extend the completion date.


Final Thoughts

So, what will it be? A new home or an old home? After you have considered things like the location of the house, the codes, maintenance, efficiency, and other elements, it really comes down to how the house makes you feel. Both kinds of properties can easily become a home, so whichever you choose, i