Daytime Weed Strains You Should Try

Daytime Weed Strains You Should Try


Although many associate smoking as an activity to relax and unwind, cannabis is a versatile plant with multifunctional purpose for all occasions. As the cannabis community has evolved and knowledge about sativa and indica strains has become widespread, marijuana has become a tool that is used differently by many. Some like to smoke and sleep after a long day, but others like to wake and bake to get them hyped up for the day. To each their own but there’s something magical about lighting up in the daytime and getting your to do list done or smoking a bowl and going on a hike to get the endorphins flowing. Here is a list of daytime weed strains you should try and some activities that go nicely with it too!


Should I try sativa, indica, or hybrid strains for daytime smoking?

It is definitely recommended to stay away from indica strains as this gives a much heavier body high compared to sativa strains that are more uplifting and mood boosting. Hybrid strains can go either way but you can get the best of both worlds if you have the right kind of hybrid strain and really get a nice buzz going. The best way to find what works best for you is to experiment and compare what type of marijuana strains pair well with the kind of high you’re looking for.


Green Crack strain

A great strain to smoke first thing in the morning, Green Crack is known for its outstanding flavor profile with its boosting energizing effects that induce an incredible mental high to have you buzzing around throughout the day. This sativa-dominant strain has a fruity flavor similar to mango so you won’t have an earthy taste in your mouth right when you wake up. Green Crack offers a euphoric high and you really can’t go wrong!


Jack Herer strain

To get those creative juices flowing, Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant strain that many artists like to toke on throughout the day. Jack Herer will give you a clear-headed high and those overall blissful feelings you get when the ganja sets in. Another happy strain to get you waking up on the right side of the bed, many refer to this strain as their “morning medicine”. Jack Herer is an excellent choice if you have anxiety and just want to calm your mind without sinking into the couch. Take a few hits of Jack Herer and you’ll be feeling a bit more peaceful and ready to take on your day!


Blue Dream strain

Another sativa-dominant strain, Blue Dream is a popular choice especially on the west coast. Many like Blue Dream because it does offer a heavier body high than sativa strains normally do, but still activates a mind high that will keep you uplifted and in the mood to stay active. Blue Dream is helpful for those that have pain or other ailments and anyone experiencing depression or other similar symptoms. Some say that sativa strains make them paranoid because it often provides too much of an energetic high, but Blue Dream balances this out nicely with a body high that will have you floating but functional.


Lemon Kush strain

There are many variations of Lemon Kush but overall the effects are the same. When life gives you lemon, smoke it! Lemon Kush is a great solution when you’re feeling stressed and have a lot of things to do during the day and need a boost. Lemon Kush gives an uplifting and creative mind high so you can turn that frown upside down and take on your day with a positive attitude!


Strawberry Diesel strain

This is a hybrid strain that does an excellent job of balancing out NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough strains to deliver a very smooth high. Strawberry Diesel is one of the best hybrid strains as it relaxes your body but gives an energizing high where you can stay clear-headed and continue having conversations. Strawberry Diesel can be used for both daytime and nighttime use so play around with consumption and see how many bowls you’ll need to reach the level of high you’re trying to achieve. If you smoke a little of this, you’ll be able to get tedious activities like chores done without thinking much about it, and if you smoke more of this you can easily put yourself into a midday nap which isn’t a bad thing either! Sometimes you’ll need one of those days and Strawberry Diesel will get the job done.


Marijuana does not have to put you to sleep or ban you to the couch if you have the right strain. Cannabis is extremely versatile and there are so many ways to curate a high that works for you. Trial and error is the best way to go, so if you’re looking to buy a bong online to wake and bake to take on the day, try one of these daytime weed strains to set the vibes! What is your favorite daytime weed strain?