2020 Swimwear Trends You Need In Your Wardrobe

2020 Swimwear Trends You Need In Your Wardrobe


The swimwear industry is constantly evolving, looking back at the past, and creating a modern twist to classic staples. Instagram-powered beachside fashion has continued to make waves despite most travel plans cancelling or completely changing due to the current climate. There is no harm in a healthy dose of backyard sunbathing, after all–and you want to look cute no matter the occasion!

Nothing is going to stop 2020 from being one of the most widespread years for churning out trends–partly because everyone is glued to social media while stuck at home all day. This year’s swimwear favourites are off the charts: cute, fun, and a wonderful way to bring life to socially-distant beach trips and at-home bikini photoshoots. From high cut bikinis to a trip back to the ‘50s, here is a round-up of 2020’s best swimwear trends:

High Cut Bikinis

For the past couple of years, you have seen high-rise bikinis make their way to department store shelves and high-end boutiques alike. Nobody could deny that a fashionably full coverage–from tummy to butt–bikini bottom was a breath of fresh air amid stringy alternatives. This year, a remastered version of the high-rise cut has emerged.

Meet high cut bikinis, which are essentially Brazilian thongs but in swimwear form. You get the same high-rise feeling on the sides, but with a narrower cut, scooped middle, and super-cheeky back. This style offers a minimalist, second-skin feeling, and is a bolder, more sensual take on higher cut bottoms. It takes a little more courage to try a pair, but once you fall in love, you will never look back.


Everyone, from children to their mothers and the likes of high-fashion designers, was all over the tie-dye trend during the first quarter of the year. Tie-dye businesses emerged, tie-dye Tiktokers found fame, and most importantly, tie-dye swimsuits emerged from the shadows. Kylie Jenner’s tie-dye bikini was an internet sensation, and before long, everyone had one in their closet.

If you have not jumped into this trend, you might want to do so before next year’s line-up overshadows this one-shot wonder. You might think that a tie-dye bikini is a little too reminiscent of your 2009 middle school days, but the nostalgic and colourful patterns will eventually grow on you.


The last few years were all about the ‘90s, but this year’s time machines flew back a couple of decades further, as retro prints from the ‘50s have made their way to 2020 swimwear. Think gingham, polka dots, quirky colour blocks, and even some animal prints, but with a toned-down touch of modernity. These prints are also being mixed with cuts from the ‘80s, with halter tops being more widespread than ever.

Not to mention the one-shoulder swimsuits–an intentional asymmetry that has been well-loved throughout the years. With so many re-emerged cuts and styles saturating the market, you will have a blast shopping for a wide variety of swimwear in your favourite prints.

Picking out swimwear can be a huge struggle, especially with so many styles on the market. Start with this year’s most iconic trends, which offer a blend of classic and quirky styles with a modern twist. Whether you are off to a vacation, staycation, or a backyard sunbathing session, nothing beats the feeling of wearing a cute bikini that you love.