The Intimidating Beauty of Spider Jewelry


One way to emphasize your individuality is to wear jewelry. Various symbols found in jewelry enrich it with significance and often bring sentimental meaning. Some people prefer shocking and outrageous symbols, such as a spider, for example. The attitude towards this creature has always been ambiguous – most of the people are simply terrified by its look but also there are individuals who admire its unique abilities. Let’s try to figure out why fashionistas wear spider jewelry and what significances it has.

Wisdom, Power, Awareness, Harmony, and Knowledge

The beliefs of Native Americans say that a wise but cunning old man disguised as a large spider descended to a chief. After they had a conversation in a sacred language, the spider took off the chief’s headdress and started weaving a web between the feathers and shells. The sage spoke of the cyclical nature of life. He said that we chose our fate by having good or evil thoughts. To facilitate good thoughts, one needs to get rid of bad intentions. Before the spider left, he had given the leader his cobwebbed headdress back and ordered to hang it over the bed. Since then, the dreamcatcher talisman has been protecting the Indians from evil spirits.

Protection Against Failures, Negative Energy, and Diseases.

The Slavs believed that spiders cannot be killed because they protected the dwelling and contributed to prosperity. Seeing a spider was a good sign; if it descended from the cobweb soon a person was going to receive some good news. People had spider amulets and talismans to attract prosperity, wealth, and good luck. Shamans used real spiders in the rituals of black and white magic. For this reason, many people associate arachnids with dark powers. For Romans, spiders personified prosperity and joy. People from many European countries feared spiders because they thought that they carried plague and death. Christians disagree with this statement. They believed that spiders saved the life of little Jesus. When he was hiding in a cave, they covered the entrance with a thick web and Herod’s warriors didn’t see him.

Symbol of Hard Work, Creativity, and Weaving Craftsmanship

One of the Greek legends says that there was a weaving contest and the girl named Arachne fashioned a beautiful canvas. Her work surpassed that of Athena herself. The goddess could not accept the defeat. Therefore, she turned Arachne into a spider. Since then, the girl has been continuously weaving a web with perfectly intricate patterns.

American Indians believed that the first spiders that occurred in the world were females. They taught women the weaving craft. Weavers often wore spider accessories as a sign of their skill and dedication.

The Indians also believed that arachnids gave them the sunlight. Once the sun illuminated only one side of the earth, and the other one was immersed in darkness. The residents of the dark side decided to move the sun. They sent a bird and a possum to fulfill this mission but they failed. Then a spider quickly weaved a large web, threw it into the sun, and deftly shirted it in the right direction. The sticky cobweb was so durable that it did not tear or burn. The Indians noticed that the rays of the rising sun resembled thin strings of a cobweb coming from its center.

Danger, Cruelty, Power, Cunning, and Aggression

In Japanese folklore, a spider has supernatural powers and can turn into Edo, a seductively beautiful woman. She lures a man and when he loses his vigilance, she binds him with silky sticky threads and devours him. Perhaps the black widow spider became an inspiration for this legend. In Italy, people believed that a tarantula bite drove people crazy and they turned into terrible monsters. The only antidote was the dance tarantella, which later became an indispensable part of wedding ceremonies.

Deception, Cunning, Fertility, Femininity, Eternity and Infinity

From African folktales, we know about a spider-man Anansi, the son of the world creator Nyame. He loved playing and composing unprecedented stories. In verbal disputes, he had no equal thanks to his cunning and ingenuity. He brought rains to the earth to save fields from droughts or put out fires.

According to another legend, a spider woman created the universe. She took white, red, and black clay to make people of different races. Some tribes believed that arachnids helped the goddesses of the moon. The Mayans associated spiders with the afterlife since they carried human souls through the underground river. A spider made a raft of its cobwebs and guarded the soul of the deceased during this journey. Some tribes even believed that they descended from spiders.

The Meaning of Spider Jewelry for Men and Women

Women don’t wear spider jewelry particularly often because arachnids scare them. However, if you see a girl with a spider ring or pendant, then you encountered a person with a strong character who always achieves what she wants. She is persistent and obstinate, and cool-headed. On top of that, she is known as an industrious, self-esteemed, honest, and secretive individual. She will never have intimate conversations with the first person she meets. Either her loved ones or no one at all knows about her emotional experiences. If a lady wears a spider pendant on her chest, it nonverbally speaks of her aspiration for leadership and even cruelty to some extent.

Men often flaunt spider jewelry to show others their desire to command and subordinate others to their will. They also want to demonstrate their strength. These are stubborn people who rarely compromise. Instead, they often put their own opinions and wishes first.