Fathers Day

Six Fathers Day Gifts to Surprise Your Sports Loving Father


Fathers are those superheroes, who like to keep their personal life to them and to rescue people around them without a second thought. To facilitate such amazing human beings, we thought to bring you gift ideas that you can consider for your father this Father’s Day. As we are sure, you have not shopped for the gift yet and are still confused about what gift to pick for your dad. This post would be quite helpful for people whose father is into sports. Come, let’s dig in!

  1. Baseball Writing Pad- You see your dad every month struggling with piles of bills. So, how about giving him a writing pad where he can clip his bill receipts on it. Also, he can pen down his important notes on the writing pad. Pick a pad with a baseball design and if you are unable to get one, DIY with acrylic colours, etc. This might not be an outstanding gift but surely a thoughtful one.
  2. Basketball Cake- Cakes are not just yummy, but now they have started to come in magnificent designs, and one such design is of basketball. Embrace your basketballer dad with a cake designed in the shape and size of his favourite sport, i.e. basketball. Many bakeries online offer you the chance to order Fathers day cake at the comfort of your home.
  3. A Winning Certificate- Remember how in your school sports day, every participant was rewarded with a certificate? Well, twist that up and search for a fun template of certificates online. You can go for a sports day theme certificate and get it printed with your dad’s name on it. And to make it more amazing, go a step ahead and get it framed and hang it in his room.
  4. A Golden Trophy- A present that will boost up your dad’s sporty spirit would be a trophy. You can buy that online or via offline stores, or you can DIY it using some paper cups and golden paint. Go for a trophy that you feel is easy on the budget, and your dad will adore. To make this momentous, you can perform a proper trophy giving ceremony for your Superhero dad at your home with the help of your fam.
  5. Club Membership- Another amazing gift idea for your dad can be a sports club membership. With the help of this membership, he can go and spend his leisure time playing games, and this gift will also give him the chance to socialise a little more. And if your dad is already a member of any sports club, then maybe you can renew his membership?
  6. A Cricket Kit- Do your dad like to play cricket once in a while? Then, how about getting him a professional cricket kit and make this Father’s Day memorable? Encourage your father to pursue his favourite sport as a hobby now and give him the chance to be happier.

All these gifts can be surprising for your father to receive. And that is simply because long ago he kept aside his entertainment time to give it to you and your family. So, this year- Get! Set! Gifting!