Salsa Fresca Mexican Grill Reinforces Safety Protocols in Response to Coronavirus Outbreak


Salsa Fresca strengthens its industry-leading hygiene and cleanliness protocols, adds hands-free delivery to ensure the safety of its employees and customers

Salsa Fresca Mexican Grill, whose always-fresh, the never-frozen concept has driven its growth throughout Connecticut and New York, continues its rigorous standards of cleanliness throughout all of its ten restaurants with updated best practices designed to protect its employees and customers in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

The regional restaurant chain has updated its on-site and delivery policies to respond to growing concerns. Several of Salsa Fresca’s delivery partners have recently announced “no-contact” delivery options, which gives customers the ability to specify how they wish to receive the delivery, including a no-contact option. Delivery service Postmates, one of several delivery services that deliver for Salsa Fresca, recently rolled out its no-contact delivery option. Uber Eats has also issued an advisory to its delivery drivers with guidance from public health organizations, informing customers that they can minimize contact with “leave at door” drop-offs. Other food delivery services are expected to follow suit.

Salsa Fresca also is also preparing to roll out its own delivery service using internal staff members, which will provide even greater visibility over the end-to-end process from kitchen to doorstep. Curbside pickup will also be available soon. “Our new protocols will give our customers the greatest level of transparency, with reassurance that whoever prepares and delivers their food has adhered to the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness,” said Marc Miles, co-owner of Salsa Fresca. “Every delivery order will be accompanied by a sticker that verifies safe preparation.  Our team members will be adhering to the most rigorous safety protocols as they cook, prepare and deliver fresh, wholesome food to your front door.”

On site, Salsa Fresca’s design has always revolved around its popular “open kitchen” concept, which allows customers to see first-hand the fresh ingredients being used and watch as every item is prepared. “Our open kitchen concept is even more important now, as restaurant patrons are seeking reassurance and transparency from their favorite restaurants,” said Miles.

Salsa Fresca’s rigorous standards of cleanliness govern the kitchen and employee areas, including coolers and prep tables, as well as all customer areas including lobbies, bathrooms, counters and doors, which are regularly cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day. Hygiene protocols also dictate that employees are instructed not to report to work if they are not feeling well or show any signs of the virus, or if they have a fever of 99.5 or greater. All cleaners, sanitizers, and antiseptics in use are food safe certified and will not impart any odors. Food will remain fresh as always.

“Customers who visit one of our restaurants or choose to have food delivered will benefit from our updated protocols,” said Miles. “We have always maintained the highest cleanliness standards in every one of our restaurants. We have taken the extra step of reinforcing those protocols with new measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control, the New York and Connecticut Department of Health, and the World Health Organization. We are disinfecting and sanitizing each restaurant multiple times a day, and are also making sure every location is stocked with surface sanitizers and with hand sanitizer available for customer use as well.”

For their own health, and for the safety of the public, each employee’s temperature is monitored regularly. Every Salsa Fresca employee has been trained on both long-standing hygiene protocols, as well as specific responses to the coronavirus outbreak, including using hand sanitizer regularly, washing hands frequently, and keeping shared surfaces clean and disinfected. Employees are also instructed to change gloves if they touch anything other than food-related items. Salsa Fresca is committed to continuously monitoring all local, state and federal guidelines to maintain a safe environment for employees and customers.

Salsa Fresca Mexican Grill offers an extensive menu of signature items, build-your-own items, and an impressive selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and nut-free options. Salsa Fresca has an eco-friendly approach in every restaurant, with policies that include recycling cooking oil into bio-diesel, using humanely-raised beef and all-natural chicken, and working towards a goal of being a completely zero-waste restaurant.